Amanda, Milly and I went for a walk this evening and the neighborhood smelled a bit of smoke.  We found the source of it a couple streets down, where someone was burning something in their yard.  Now, I’m fine with that generally, but for some reason, maybe the yard debris was wet (as it’s rained a bit lately) and was particularly smokey or something, I don’t know, but whatever the cause it’s gotten kind of bad.  Our upstairs smells like something is burning to the point that Amanda decided she was going to sleep in the guestroom tonight.

Anyhoo, today wasn’t a bad day.  Amanda and Milly joined Milly’s Nana (that’s Amanda’s mom) and her friends at the Cotton Exchange for a little while this afternoon and I got a good bit done at work.

Sarah Nowak stopped by to pick up some cookies Amanda made yesterday and take them to some homeless people.  She had Henry and Lauren with her, but unfortunately Milly was napping when they came by.

Other than those few things and some rudeness Amanda ran into from some employees at our nearest McDonald’s when she went there to pick up some biscuits, there wasn’t much going on today.   After Milly went to bed we had a pretty low-key night.  We half-watched an episode of Whale Wars where one of the boats is run over by a larger Japanese ship, Amanda played on her iPod and I uploaded and tagged a bunch of pictures on Flickr.

Boring old married folks.

Zach Dotsey