Milly was by and large a delight today.  We went to church and she got to play around a bit upstairs while Amanda and I finished getting ready to go.  She was a little fussy on the way home, but it was her naptime anyway, so that was to be expected.

Amanda and I spent most of the day not doing anything, which tends to be symptomatic of a Sunday.  We considered going to the beach, but all day long it looked like we were about to get a thunderstorm, though nothing really ever happened.

After I took a nap I went out to Best Buy after a nap to return a case I’d gotten for the iPhone 4.  I later ordered one online that I not only liked better, but was cheaper to boot.  I spent a little time wandering around there and thinking about what I’d buy if I had money.

Milly was in a good mood the rest of the day after hovering between being in one and not.  She was very ticklish and fun to play with, and during her last meal of the day she was very talkative and interactive.  She’s been making raspberries lately (though technically I guess a raspberry includes sticking your tongue out, so she’s really just blowing air through her lips) and I got it on tape.

After dinner Milly got a bath, and when I was reading Goodnight Moon to her she repeated “Hush.” as in, “And a quiet old lady whispering, ‘Hush’.”

(“Goodnight moon.  Goodnight room.  Goodnight cow jumping over the moon.”  Sorry, I couldn’t stop at “Hush.”)

So yeah, add “hush” (which of course is really kind of a heavy “h” sound with a little bit of “sh” thrown in at the end) to Milly’s vocabulary, which seems to be growing by the day.  a

Zach Dotsey