Milly and I didn’t go for our Monday walk this morning, as she spent the whole morning stuffing her face.  Seriously, that girl’s going to eat us out of house and home.

It was fun getting Milly up this morning though.  I turned on the light in the nursery but I didn’t go in right away, giving her time to stand up at the corner of the crib.  I waited a few more seconds then jumped into the room, which elicited a squeal from her, so I jumped back out and did it again.  She kept laughing so I kept doing it.  We had ourselves a fun time.  That’s a game she seems to be enjoying lately, as I also did it by jumping out from behind a wall when Milly was in the kitchen and by jumping out from the hallway or from behind the couch when Amanda brought her down from her nap this evening.

Amanda finally got to paint Milly’s toenails today.  Miraculously, the baby held still enough though she moved around afterwards and the nails on the big toes are a little scuffed already.  She also wouldn’t quite hold still enough for a good picture.

Overall, Milly was in a good mood this morning.  While she was eating some Rice Crispies she kept offering them to me then she’d pull her hand away when I went to eat them.  That’s nothing new, but she knows what she’s doing now, because she’d turn her body away and pull the food tight to her chest then give a sly grin.  We’ve always said she was teasing us when she’d take food away before, but now she knows she’s teasing us, which is really cool.

Good as Milly was throughout the day, she was fussy this afternoon.  She woke up early from her late afternoon nap and was rubbing her eyes by about 5:00, so she was back in bed before Amanda got home from work.

Milly didn’t stay down for too long though, and Amanda took care of her while I finished up a bit of work.  After Milly was put down for the night Amanda watched some TV while I finished working.  Amanda was watching The Bachelorette then got sucked into watching a bit of True Beauty, a show about attractive people who think they’re being judged on their looks but are actually being judged on their inner beauty.

By the time Amanda was watching that I was playing a game of Catan and she cuddled up next to me to watch me play that a bit.  After that we looked at some slideshows of pictures spanning the last few months then she finally went off to bed.

I’ve been half-watching a pretty interesting show on the Americas before and around the time of their discovery by Europeans.

Zach Dotsey