Milly and I had a walk this morning.  She was getting low on yogurt, and what we have now probably won’t last long since she ate two containers for two of her feedings.  I think we need to start making sure we feed her real, grown-up food more often.  Maybe, just maybe, that will start filling her up.

We bought a fold-up door, really more of a tick screen, for the top of the stairway quite a while back.  Actually I think it was when Michael, Amanda’s brother, was staying with us.  Anyway, it’s been pretty useless for a while as some of the screws holding it in at the top have been loose, and having it there prevents us from installing a baby gate up there.  Well, Milly wanted to go upstairs this morning, so while she was up there I finally took the “door” down.  I’ll let Amanda install the baby gate, though.

I enjoyed small group tonight.  There wasn’t much that went on with it outside of talking about babies, but we did have some small relevant discussion and talked about what to do over the next few weeks.  I just enjoyed our banter tonight.

I’ve been watching something on the History Channel called Holy Grail in America.  It’s about Templars making their way to the New World over 100 years before Columbus did.  There seems to be some compelling evidence.  It’s just amazing how many things happened in the past that we will never know about.

Zach Dotsey