Milly and I had our semi-weekly walk to the grocery store this morning.  We didn’t really need much of anything, but we were low on Rice Crispies so I got another off-brand box of those, along with some Frosted Mini Wheats for me and Amanda.  I also picked up some blueberry yogurt to try myself.  I ended up having it for lunch and liked it a lot better than the vanilla yogurt I tried last week.  That one was a little too rich for me.

Milly was in a pretty good mood today.  She spent a lot of her time just sitting at the table while I worked.  I think the biggest thing that kept her occupied was a juice box.  (I picked up some Mott’s Tots apple juice for her at the store, too.)  At first she was happily sipping on it through the straw, but after she figured out that she could pull the straw out of the box and play with it, that’s about all she wanted to do.  She would put the straw in her mouth and bob it up and down with her teeth.  I didn’t take it away until she thought the best thing to do was to was to knock the box on its side and play it like a drum.  I was afraid a bunch of apple juice would spurt out, so I just put the rest in a sippy cup for her.

When Milly wasn’t sitting at the table she was dragging her walker around.  She wasn’t quite using it, she was literally dragging it around instead of walking behind it and pushing it.  She went pretty much everywhere with it though; down the hallway, all around the kitchen.  She also had me empty a Costco box of wipes so she could sit in it like the diaper box upstairs.

Amanda made another thing of ravioli tonight for dinner and it was better than the last one.  Milly wasn’t too interested, but she did like the garlic bread and the ravioli sauce.

At one point when Milly wanted to go outside, she took me by the hand and practically dragged me to the door.  She’s still not doing much walking without assistance, but she pulled me along as much as she could.  I didn’t want to go outside though, so I sat her in the chair next to the door and she stood up on it and played (happily) with the doorknob until her mom took her out.  I was feeling a little dizzy.

There’s something.  I felt a little dizzy this evening.  It wasn’t bad or terribly disorienting, but it was a little uncomfortable at times.  I hope I’m not getting sick or anything.

Milly didn’t do as much napping as usual today and was a little fussy this evening so we finished feeding her and put her to bed just a little bit early.  She was making noise from about 8:00 to 8:30, so I went up to go look in on her.

She had already thrown both of her blankets on the floor, which is something she’s been doing lately.  I picked her up and she signed “please” at the door, but I just held her and rubbed her back and her little head.  I had just been reading Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters and was thinking about all the crap she’s probably going to have to face in this life and it just made me want to love her and protect her.

Milly showed no signs of getting any sleepier, so I laid down on the floor and tried to get her to lie down too, but she wanted to sit there.  To her credit, Milly didn’t wander off or try to play or anything, she just sat there with me.  Amanda came upstairs after a few minutes since she didn’t hear any noise and she picked Milly up.  Milly still didn’t want to get in the crib, but I put a blanket around her then laid her down and she seemed fine with that.

Amanda finished up the night watching The Bachelorette.  I just screwed around on here.

Work went well today.  This month hasn’t been the best for me, but I was able to more than double what I’ll make next month and I think I’ll be able to get a few more things going before the end of the week (which is also the end of the month).  It’s at a nearly-respectable right now.

Zach Dotsey