I didn’t feel dizzy today, but my throat is really sore (it isn’t affecting my voice, but I don’t want to talk loud) and I felt really drained today.  I thought I could have fallen asleep at my desk by 3:00, and I wasn’t up particularly late last night.  (I was in bed at midnight and woke up at 8:00.)  I ended up skipping out on small group tonight, but Amanda went.  That left me an hour with Milly, and even though she’d been fussy since about 6:00, she was pretty good for me.  Of course, she was eating for a good bit of the time after Amanda had left, so that helped her mood.  She was really sweet when I put her down to sleep in her crib, being very ticklish and wanting to stick her fingers in my mouth.  (I didn’t let her do that, of course, since I’m sick, but she thought trying was funny.)

Karen and her friend, Eleanor Whitfield, came by today to drop off some flowers Karen had bought that she didn’t want to keep in the van (Eleanor’s van, though she apparently doesn’t like to drive, so Karen was driving) all day.  After Amanda got off work she collected Milly and had lunch with them.  They stayed out most of the day, which allowed me to get a good bit done.

They got home around 3:00, right after Angus Trott showed up to talk basketball with me spray the house.  I swear the exterminators must plant bugs in our house a week or two before they call us.  We’ve had a few “waterbugs” show up lately, but even more earwigs.  It seems like I was killing one every night.

Karen and Eleanor stopped by again on the way out of town.  Amanda got Karen to pick up some smoothies for us, which was great because it felt to my sore throat.

Other than that it seemed like every time I got started on something today for work I got an email or phone call about something else that needed doing.  Good to be busy, I guess, but since I wasn’t feeling well I was having a hard time concentrating on everything.

Kevin Millard called me today and mentioned something doing a study group with Nick Warkentien, possibly Eric Boneske and some other guys.  He said they were meeting at 8:00 tomorrow, and I told him we’ve only got one functional car right now and Amanda will be at work.  I was just thinking about that, and it made me feel kinda bad because all the rest of those guys already have a kid, but they also have a wife who doesn’t work (or works at home with them).  It makes me feel like I’m not providing enough.  It’s pretty frustrating, actually.  I’d love to have Amanda stay home with Milly, but there’s absolutely no way we could swing that right now.

For a while now though, I’d banned myself from wasting time on video games at night until I finish all the sketches needed for a website idea Scott and I have discussed.  I figure it will technically cost nothing for us to do, so hopefully it can generate at least a little extra income at some point.

I’ve been trying to knock out about one page layout a night on the weekdays, but that’s not going to happen tonight.  I’ll be going to bed before too long.

Zach Dotsey