I was in bed at 11:00 last night and literally did not sleep a wink until at least 3AM, and not even well after that.  I was in and out of bed going to the bathroom (been drinking lots of water) and at one point I just got up and went downstairs for a little while.

Before I went to bed I was watching a show that centered around a dramatization of a post-apocalyptic world (which I’d seen before), so I spent my waking time imagining defending Wrightsville Beach from invaders from the mainland, Topsail Island and Carolina Beach.  It made me decide that every house in the country should be hooked up with wind and solar power generators.

Shocking, I know, given that I got so little sleep, I was still sick today.  I got through a very busy day though.  I wanted to get a lot done so I wouldn’t have too much to do tomorrow, since Ben and Jessica will be here.

They and Graelyn got here around 9:00.  Since she had slept so much on the trip down here she stayed up to burn off some energy before going to bed.  We moms and dads stayed up until just about midnight.

Milly didn’t get to see Grae Grae (or Grae Jay, whichever you prefer) tonight since she was in bed a little after 8:00, but she will tomorrow.  I’m hoping they’re both old enough to care about interacting some.  I can’t help but think about them being older and hopefully looking forward to seeing each other and hanging out when their families visit each other.

Zach Dotsey