I slept so very well last night.  I’m very congested now, but I’m feeling so much better overall.

For breakfast this morning Amanda and Jessica made pancakes, eggs and sausage, all of which was enjoyed by everyone, including the baby girls.  They did sort of play together some, but it was mostly in Milly wanting whatever Graelyn was playing with.

When Milly and Graelyn went down for a nap, Amanda and Jessica went out to do some shopping while Ben and I stayed home and both worked on some work.  Despite the extra time I put in yesterday I had quite a bit to do today.

Once the babies were up and fed they were put in the pool and the sandbox to play.  I took a bit of a break to hang out with everyone outside and finished up my work once they were back to napping.  When they were up again we all went to Wrightsville Beach.  On the way there Milly made clicking sounds with her tongue for the first time.  She can do it easily and seems to do it whenever I do it.

The water was extremely flat at the beach, which is just as well because I might have wanted to catch a few waves had there been any.  The baby girls played in the shallow water, Graelyn more than Milly.  The baby who actually lives at the beach didn’t want to go in very far today and contented herself playing with wet sand.  Amanda found a ton of sand fiddlers and kept bringing Milly handfuls of them to show her.  Milly would pick them up and toss them on the ground to watch them scurry back under the sand.

The water was ridiculously clear today, and with it being as calm as it was it was very easy to see the floor.  I walked around in waist to chest-high water looking to see if I could find a conch or something cool like that.  I saw lots of fish, but nothing too terribly interesting.

Back at home we had burritos for dinner.  The babies got to eat burrito ingredients, which they liked.  Milly was sitting at the table prior to dinner and attempted to choke herself on macaroni and cheese and chips.  I was pretty surprised with myself at how quickly and efficiently I unbuckled her from her booster seat and got her to spit out a clump of food by smacking her on the back a couple times.

We were all very full after dinner.  The babies were put to bed and once it was discovered that Ben and Jessica also watch Friday Night Lights we watched tonight’s episode.  (I love the show, but what a downer of a season it’s turning out to be so far!)  After that we played a game of Phase 10, which I was able to win.  We wound down by introducing the Lambeths to The Soup before Amanda and Jessica retired for the evening.  Ben and I stayed up and chatted and watched Pit Boss, which neither of us had watched before.  It was alright.  It’s a show about midgets who run a talent agency for midgets and rescue put bulls on the side.  The boss almost got jumped by a bunch of guys when he discovered a dog fight in someone’s backyard.

Zach Dotsey