For breakfast today we all decided to go to the Port City Java where Michael, Amanda’s brother, works.  He wasn’t there then, but we actually did talk to him at the time.  He discovered that he could upgrade his phone from a Blackberry Pearl, which he’s had issues with since pretty much always, to a Droid.  Better yet, he was able to buy one and get one free, so he asked Amanda if she wanted to go halvsies on them.

Amanda would have done that, but to get a Droid you have to have a data plan.  Amanda’s currently on her parents’ family plan, for which we pay $20 a month.  The data plan would double that, which would make being on her parent’s plan nearly moot, since the reason we got on it was to avoid paying $50 a month for the plan she was on by herself before.  Anyway, her mom, who has never once had a bran new phone, is getting the other Droid.  It’s kind of comical, Karen getting a phone like that.

At any rate, we, the Dotsey family and the Lambeth family, ate downtown then walked along the river and the farmers’ market.  Amanda bought some cinnamon sugar bread, basically a giant cinnamon roll.  We stopped in Finkelstein Music so Ben could look at a bass similar to one he just bought then headed on home.

Our road is about to get paved.  We found this out because Bonnie talked to someone who talked to someone who looked like he was part of some kind of crew that had been around our neighborhood lately.  That’s all well and good, but it would have been nice if they had let people know.  I actually talked to a guy yesterday morning about it and he told me they were about to go door to door to tell people.  This was about 10:00 on a Friday morning.  You know, when most people are at work.

Anyway, the guy told me they were paving our road Monday, which meant that I needed to move the Olds off the street.  Since the battery has been out of commission since about forever, we pushed the car up the driveway after the babies went to sleep.  Amanda was steering (because apparently Jessica is terrible at backing up) and Jessica claimed that Ben and I couldn’t have done it without her.  Ben and I were both wearing Rainbows so we had trouble getting traction with all the sand that had piled up right before the driveway, but we kept starting further back and getting more momentum each time.  I’m fine with Jessica having her day in the sun, so I won’t give my opinion on the matter.  (Love ya, Jess!)

When Milly and Graelyn got up again (man, it’s so great that they’re on pretty much identical schedules!) we went to check out a new frozen yogurt bar that everyone’s been talking about lately called The Fuzzy Peach.  It was started recently by three UNCW grads and is a pretty cool place.  You pick your frozen yogurt and add whatever toppings you want (and they’ve got a lot of them) then they charge you by the weight.  Amanda and I both learned that you didn’t need to fill your bowl up to get enough to eat.  Milly and Graelyn loved it and both made age-appropriate messes of themselves.

After that we went to Best Buy to pick up a movie.  Amanda has wanted to buy Across the Universe and Ben and Jessica hadn’t seen it yet, so we got that.  Fortunately, it was on sale, though we didn’t know that until we got to the checkout.  It looks like Blu-Ray movies are finally coming down to what DVD prices used to be, which is nice.

Milly and Graelyn surprisingly (because they’d had frozen yogurt) went down for afternoon naps and we played another game of Phase 10.  I started off doing terrible, but ended up winning again, which I guess makes me the undisputed Phase 10 champ for the weekend.

Even though Milly had acted (and very likely been) tired, she fussed a good deal while we were playing the game and we got her (and later, Graelyn) up before the game was through.  After they had been fed, Ben and I watched them in the nursery.  They did interact a bit more then, playing in boxes and with toys and such.  We even put Graelyn (who is three months younger and a good bit smaller) in Milly’s lap in the swing.

It was fun watching them.  Milly turned on the music on her swing and shook her little butt to it and even cuddled her Sweetpea doll.  She’d hold it to her chest with both arms and kind of swing back and forth a little, then she gave it to Ben to do the same.  When she does that, Amanda and I always say, “Awww,” and Milly makes that sound now when she does it.

Karen and Phil, Amanda’s parents, came to town to pick up Karen’s new Droid from Michael.  Phil, Ben and I went out to pick up some pizza and beer and Michael showed up a little after we got back.  He was showing Karen how to use the Droid, which has a keyboard that slides out from the back of it.  Karen literally jumped when he did that, which got a good laugh from everyone.  It really is a lot more phone than I think Karen will ever use, being able to play music and movies, get on the internet, check email, text with ease and all.  I told Amanda I bet she’d be trading phones with Phil (who has a Blackberry, which is still a smartphone but a little less complex than a Droid for someone who doesn’t know how to use such things) within five days.

(Karen, I know you read this.  Don’t hold out just to prove me wrong!)

After everyone left and the babies were put to sleep, Ben, Jessica, Amanda and I watched Across the Universe.  I think a second viewing held up well, but it’s not a movie I could see myself watching all the time.

We all went to bed after that.  Ben and Jessica are taking off early tomorrow to make it to church in time for a function Jessica has to oversee and I’m doing cameras at Port City Community Church tomorrow.

Zach Dotsey