When I woke up this morning I heard Ben and Jessica moving around downstairs.  I figured I’d jump in the shower and get ready quick so I wouldn’t have to worry about rushing to get ready after they left, but I ended up missing them completely.  I called after I left the house to tell them good bye and wish them a safe trip.

Amanda slept terribly last night, and so did Milly.  I think I got them sick with whatever it is I’m still getting over.  I’m feeling much better, personally, though I’m still snotty.  Anyway, Amanda decided she was going to just sleep in today, so she missed out on church.  The rest probably did her some good.

So I was in at 7:00 this morning to run a mobile camera at PC3.  I bumped into Nick Warkentien when I first got there.  In the time since I’ve seen him he’s grown himself a nice, respectable beard.  We talked for a minute before I let him go to finish running off to do whatever it was he was on his way to do.  It just feels so weird that we didn’t hang out with him and Amy at all in the month of July.

Anyway, I enjoyed shooting video this morning at church.  Everything went pretty smoothly and I left after the music was finished for the second service.

Amanda told me that Milly had slept until 10:45 this morning.  That’s crazy!  And she was really good all day, too.  She played a lot and was in a great mood.  Milly was playful and chatty, interactive but not clingy.  It’s pretty amazing, considering how snotty her nose was.  She danced to some music while we were watching Little Miss Sunshine and clapped when we clapped for her.  That was kind of a big deal because she hasn’t really clapped all that much before.  When we were upstairs she’d get in her swing and do “Awww” with just about any object we gave her.

With Amanda being sick and me not having had as much sleep as I should recently, given that I’ve been sick and am still recovering, most of our day today involved sitting around.  I sat around, took a nice long nap in the guest room then sat around some more.  We kind of needed it.

Karen called Amanda tonight while we were watching a pre-Shark Week show on Discovery about sharks.  She’s thinking about trading her Droid for Amanda’s RAZR, which is just a slim flip phone.  Amanda said she’d do it, but she it’s not worth it to her if she has to pay for the requisite data plan.  She’d really like a nice new phone like that, but it’s not that big of a deal to her.

I’m in bed now at 8:40 PM.  Amanda asked me if I’d go to bed and watch a movie or a show with her and I acquiesced.  We’ll be watching Arrested Development.  I am kind of tired, so I don’t know how many episodes I’ll make it through.

Zach Dotsey