Milly got very fussy around 4:30 this morning.  I placated her, but a few minutes later she was upset again so Amanda and I headed on downstairs.

Today was a pretty good day though.  Our road got paved and our newly-paved neighborhood looks very nice.  The down side to it is that it seems like all the sand that had accumulated on the sides of the road had been dumped at the base of our yard for some reason.  Because of that, I didn’t feel too bad for deciding to carve Milly’s initials and the year into it in front of our house, nor did I feel bad about carving our last name in front of the driveway.  It’s, you know, in case a guest comes over and can’t find the house and happens to be leaning out the passenger-side door staring at the road.

Milly’s initials, that was Amanda’s idea.  I started out doing it with an old rusty nail, but Charles across the street saw what I was doing and offered me a hammer and a chisel.  The road was still soft enough that the chisel was more than enough for it.

So I got a raise today!  I don’t know how much, but it will be on my next paycheck.  Scott and I were discussing (via email) a new service we want to offer and we were talking about how we want to go about charging for it.  I mentioned how recurring income gives me more of a chance to raise my base salary during good years, and when he called me today he said in our conversation that things were going well and that he’d give me a raise.  He said he’d have to look at some numbers to figure out how much, but that it would be on my next paycheck.  I told him I hadn’t been trying to hint at that or complain in my email (I hadn’t gotten one this year) and he said he knew that, but that I deserved one and he wanted to give me one.  So yay me!

Milly was pretty good for me today, though her nose was still very snotty.  She wanted to go outside at one point, which happened to be right when the trucks were coming by to pave the section of road in font of our house.  She watched the whole noisy event pretty attentively.  Earlier on, I had put her sign language video on and she watched about half of that before deciding to go play with other things.  Overall though, she kept herself pretty entertained and let me get some work done.

Amanda and I watched Supernatural tonight then she watched the finale of The Bachelorette while I worked on processing and uploading the rest of the pictures from July.  Ally sent Chris home before their final date and accepted Roberto’s proposal.  Amanda liked Chris better and I suppose I did too.  Yes, I picked up on enough of it while she was watching it and I was mostly ignoring it over the past couple weeks to have formed at least a little bit of an opinion.  Chris seems the obvious choice to be the next bachelor on The Bachelor though.  Lost his mom, just opened himself back up to relationships, yada yada.

Amanda told me tonight that she really enjoyed Arrested Development last night, even though she only heard most of what she got from it since she was trying to sleep.  She wants to go back and watch it all.

Since Milly’s nose is still stuffy, Amanda decided to sleep downstairs tonight, which I think was not a bad idea.  I’ll be joining her in just a few minutes.

Zach Dotsey