Milly was still snotty today, but she was still good overall.  I used the PlayStation to look up this past weekend’s message from Port City Community Church online because I hadn’t really had a chance to pay attention to it at church and Amanda, having been sick, didn’t go, but our small group study tonight was to be based off it so we thought it best to watch.

Anyway, the way this ties in with Milly is that Amanda was finishing up a little cleaning and I was feeding the baby while we were letting the video play through the music and Milly was jamming out to it and even clapped her hands a little.  So very cute!

Milly was very happy to play with everyone when they first arrived for small group.  Mike was particularly entertaining.  She gave him the phone and he was really animated in talking to nobody.  As I type this I’m thinking about how Milly often likes to hand the phone off to somebody else.  That makes me wonder if she’s trying to see what people do with it so she’ll know what to do with it.  I mean, she’ll answer a phone (or sunglasses or an iPod) now and sometimes she’ll act like she’s talking on it, but I still wonder if she wants to know if she’s doing it right and is studying us or something.

We were a couple couples short for small group tonight, but I think it went really well.  The message was actually about small groups, and it made us take a step back and refocus on our group.  We came up with several things to hopefully make it more effective, so we’re looking forward to seeing how that plays out.

After playing some watered down strategy games on my iPhone, I was wondering if there were any real ones out there.  It turns out that there is a Civilization Revolution game and a Sim City game.  The Civ game has a free demo version and I spent some time playing that tonight.  I think they did a pretty good job of porting the game to the iPhone’s interface.

Zach Dotsey