Milly and I walked to the store this morning.  It was the first time I’ve gone out, whether by wheel or by foot, on the newly paved street.  It’s nice.

I picked up some bread, milk and cereal at the store and decided to forgo a doughnut to share with Milly.  I actually just didn’t really feel like having one.  Strange, huh?

One of the things we talked about last night at small group was accountability.  I asked Joel to get on me about exercising, and he lived up to his word this morning.  He texted me early today and said he’d be working out in ten minutes, and not to ignore the text because he was on my front lawn.  I didn’t get it until much later than ten minutes after he sent the text though.

Milly was crazy cute today.  She did a lot of dancing and even started clapping.  She’s clapped a few times before, but never very much.  Today though, she was all about it.  She’d dance and clap at the same time and if Amanda and I stopped clapping she’d start back up until we did it some more.

One issue we’ve started seeing lately with Milly is that she’s eating her crib.  It’s babies like her for which products with lead paint had to be recalled, I suppose.  I’d always thought when people talked about babies eating paint chips they were referring to paint peeling off walls and babies eating that, but no, we’ll get Milly up and she’ll have white flecks all over her face from chewing on the crib.

At any rate, Amanda had bought some fabric to do something about that a while back and finally tied it nicely to the crib railing.  Hopefully that will do the trick.

Amanda was drained today and wanted some macaroni and cheese, so I picked some up and made it for dinner.

I found Ben Byrne, a friend of mine from middle school through high school, on Facebook recently.  We’ve been catching up, which has been really nice.  We’re actually having long email (well, Facebook message) conversations, whereas usually you just get a broad overview from someone then you sort of trail off.  It’s been really good catching up with Ben.

Karen’s coming tomorrow.  She’s got a dental appointment and Amanda invited her to stay the night.  It’s mainly because we’ll be watching Felix Kay all day Saturday and Amanda, recovering from this sickness I spread around the house, knows she won’t be able to sleep in and rest.  So Karen’s going to help with Milly Friday morning.  Awful nice of her.  Of course, I don’t think she minds seeing Milly.

Zach Dotsey