I had a lot of fun with Milly this morning.  The one thing she did that really got me was that she’d be eating some dry Rice Crispies and Cheerios then she’d stop and begin clapping until I started clapping, then she’d go back to eating them.  But as soon as I stopped she’d start clapping again until I started again, and so on.  It’s like she wanted me to cheer her on while she ate her cereal.

She did other things too.  She took one of the kitchen chairs, brought it all the way around the table and wanted to climb up on it.  Then she’d bounce up and down on it and laugh like whatever she was doing was so exciting.  She also started to dribble her lips, you know, making a noise then taking a finger and, well, dribbling her lips.  I guess that’s the best way to describe it.  Anyway, I took her hand and had her do that to my lips, and she thought that was great, too.

Then we just made a bunch of noises together.  She’d go, “AH!” then I’d go, “AH!” and we’d go back and forth getting louder each time.  We really had a good time today.

I had lots of work to do though.  Karen, as I mentioned yesterday, was in town to go see Barry.  Afterwards Amanda and Milly met her and her friend Bonnie (who was in town separately I guess) for lunch.  I’d have gone but I had people waiting in line to give me money today, which kept me working.  They came back eventually, put Milly down for a nap then went back out to change phones.

So I was right, Karen got rid of her phone in under five days, though I thought she’d give it to Phil and he’d give her his Blackberry.  Then again, that’s probably too much phone for Karen too.  So Amanda now has a smartphone and Karen has Amanda’s RAZR.  They were going to get Karen a new phone too, but they best they could do for her was a $70 phone with a $50 rebate.  She didn’t care enough about getting a new phone to bother with that.

Amanda’s new phone is an LG Ally.  I don’t know if it’s 100% technically a Droid, but it does use the Android operating system.

Amanda fixed spaghetti with a meat sauce tonight.  Michael joined us for dinner.  Milly wasn’t big on the spaghetti, but she loved the bread that we ate with it.

After Michael left and Milly was put down to sleep, Amanda, Karen and I played Phase 10, and I am sad to announce that this past weekend’s reign has come to an end.  Karen won.  She should have though; she was the first to go out for the first three or four rounds.  I pulled out to a lead at one point but got stuck on my run of eight or nine.  Seems like I only needed one card every time.  I did place second though, whatever that matters.  (It doesn’t.)

We decided to watch some Arrested Development after the game.  Since Amanda had not yet watched it from a point where she could really pay attention and Karen had never seen it before, we started from the beginning and watched the first three episodes before heading off to bed.

Zach Dotsey