Milly decided she wanted to start making noise a bit early this morning.  As that went against the whole point of Karen staying over (so Amanda could get some rest), I got up before 7:30 and took her on downstairs.  She was in a very happy and playful mood once I got her her.  I started feeding her, but Karen took over and I started working a little early.

Amanda, when she got up, decided to make pancakes for breakfast.  This batch and the one she made last week were both made from scratch and were really good.  We also had (just like last week) eggs and turkey apple sausage.  Milly enjoyed it all.

I worked the day away while Amanda and Karen, after putting Milly down for a nap, went to the Verizon store.  Amanda could not for the life of her get her contacts to show up in her phone, though if she called someone or someone called her, it would show their name in the call log, meaning that the info was there somewhere.  Amanda said they ended up resetting her phone and they showed up then.

Karen got herself a new phone, too.  The one she would have had to pay $20 after a $50 mail-in rebate she was able to buy for $1.08 from Best Buy.  So while technically the LG Ally was Karen’s first ever new phone, today she got herself her first ever new phone that she’ll keep for herself for more than a week.  It’s a cute little phone and does include a slide-out keyboard in case she decides she does want to text.

On the gadgets front, I was talking to my boss, Scott, today while he was at Southpoint Mall considering getting an iPad.  It’s tax free weekend and he thought he’d save himself some money by buying it today.  Obviously a few other people had the same idea and the line at the Apple Store was out the door and then some.  He thought he’d test his luck at the nearby Best Buy and happened to get the last one.  An iPad isn’t the best thing for a guy in our line of work, but he’s mainly getting it (so he says) for his wife.

After Amanda and Karen got back I went out to meet with a client to review how to do a few things.  I ended up working until about 7:30, though after around 5:30 I wasn’t focused solely on work.  Karen was gone by the time I got back from the meeting.

Milly was really good today.  She’s playing and interacting so much now and really doesn’t get too cranky unless it’s nap time.

After she went to bed Amanda and I watched the season finale of Friday Night Lights.  The whole season has been pretty much a downer (though that doesn’t take anything away from the show), but it ended mostly in the positive.  SPOILERS TO FOLLOW.

So, Matt came back and patched things up with Julie, though they’re not together.  Tammy didn’t compromise to save her job, but made a compromise and will now be working at East Dillon.  The Lions beat the Panthers in dramatic fashion.  You’d think, “Well, yeah, it’s a TV show.”  I’d answer that by saying that it’s Friday Night Lights and they don’t always do what you expect.  And then Tim Riggins decided to take the full blame for the chop shop operation so Billy could stay out of jail and raise his family.

One season left.  I was thinking Riggins going to jail might be their way of letting him exit the show, but Michael and I were texting after he watched it and he said maybe the next season will pick up with Tim getting out of jail, and I could see that happening, since their attorney told Tim and Billy that they were looking at 1-5 years.  That would make sense.

Anyway, it left me feeling good overall, particularly with the Lions beating the Panthers.  I was really rooting for them, and the fact that Landry (who got dumped for Vince, another downer, but also bittersweet) made the unlikely winning play to get the unlikely victory topped it off.  Oh, and Luke got to make some big plays.  In fact, there was almost too much feel-good in this episode, but given how down a the main characters have been throughout the season, it was well-deserved.

On a side note, doesn’t it suck to be right sometimes?

Zach Dotsey