Joel dropped Felix off at about 8:30 this morning and Mia picked him up at about 3:30, so Amanda and I got a small taste of what it’s like to have two small kids.  It wasn’t as hard as we thought, but then again, it was only seven hours.

Joel and Mia both had to work today and needed someone to watch Felix.  I think the toughest thing was adjusting to changing the diaper.  I’ve been changing girl diapers so much and for so long that I told Amanda it felt weird that his butt ended.  (Is that a little too much?  It probably is, but it really was something that struck me.)  He napped a few times and ate a couple times.   He got a little fussy here and there, but nothing major.  That kid is half Milly’s age, but about the same size and weight, and Milly’s a pretty average-to-good sized baby for her age.  Given that, it’s funny to pick him up and expect him to the able to hold himself up only to have him flop around.

Milly actually played with Felix a bit, too.  The three of us were sitting at the table and Milly dribbled her lips then did mine before trying Felix’s as well, but she gave up when he didn’t make any noise.  Later we had him in the fortress and she spun it around.  We pulled out some of her old stuff, like a play mat, for Felix to play with and Milly seemed to like seeing those those things.

Milly also walked a bit more today, and we finally got some video of it.  She even walked as far as halfway across the living room without any assistance.

Mia got here just in time.  Felix had gotten up from a nap and smelled like something evil happened in his sleep, so, since Amanda had yet to change one of his diapers, I was trying to convince her to do it when Mia arrived.

A little later on we decided to go to the Fuzzy Peach, and since we haven’t hung out with a Warkentien in over a month, I called Nick to join us.  Amy was working, but Amber, his sister, came with him.  Eli’s walking around so well now.  He’s looking more and more like a little boy instead of a baby.

Michael and Jenn came over this evening to play some Phase 10.  Jenn won.  I did awful, getting stuck on phase five forever.  There was one round that I think really changed everything.  Michael was the first to go and could have skipped Jenn but didn’t, thinking he’d wait until she was closer to going out or something.  Jenn drew the exact card she needed to lay down every single card in her hand, so Amanda and I didn’t even get a chance to go.  And  of course, I was dealt all the cards I needed to complete my phase.  I promptly got stuck on that one for several rounds, always needing literally just one other card to finish it.

Zach Dotsey