I called the Frazelle house this afternoon and told Kirsten we were planning on coming over later.  I told her Michael was coming out, too.  It’s been a while since he’s hung out over there, so after a short pause, she asked, “Mercer?”  She just couldn’t believe it.

As with most Sundays, Amanda and I got up, got ready, got Milly up and ready then went to Port City Community Church.  Milly’s usually very tired and ready for a nap after church, but she was in a pretty decent mood so we stopped by Atlanta Bread to pick up some breakfast.  I sat in the back with her and we played.  I’d act like I was sleeping then she would prod my face (usually sticking her finger in my nose) then I’d pop up and make a noise at her.  She seemed to enjoy it.

Hannah and Christian were at Atlanta Bread and came out with Amanda to see Milly.

At home I put Milly down and Amanda and I ate breakfast and watched The Soup and Persons Unknown.  I’m seeing more and more holes in Persons Unknown, but I’ll finish watching it.  It still intrigues me enough.

After Milly woke up from her nap we fed her and took off for Wrightsville Beach.  I talked to Michael last night about going out surfing today, and when I texted him today he said he’d be out there.  It took him a whole to get out there, but it gave us time to hang out with the Frazelles and time for the tide to come in some, making the surf a bit better.

When we did go out, I decided to take Terry, a board of Barry’s that is smaller than mine that I sometimes use, and I let Michael use my board.  I did pretty good with Terry today.  It’s a lighter, more responsive board, but I felt pretty natural on it today.  I only had trouble getting up on it once, and it was because my weight was too far to my back.  I did pretty good though and had a nice little turn on one of my last waves.

The waves themselves were a little funny while we were out there.  I think there was just a lot of water, which made the waves break late, although other times they’d break pretty steeply.  There was a pretty strong current, too.  Anyway, we had fun.

While we were out in the water, Amanda, Milly, Anna and Kirsten were on the shore and in the shallows.  They said Milly had a good time.  When we were all done surfing, Barry took Milly out in the water for the first time.  (First time for him, that is.)  I took her out too, and she is fine until you dip down into the water with her.  She was good the whole time I saw her on the beach and in the house.

Amanda wanted a smoothie, so we stopped by Smoothie King on the way home.  I hopped in the back and fed Milly while she went in and got our smoothies.  On the way home I was trying to feed Milly with my left hand, but she would take my arm and press it against her.  I’m not sure exactly what it was about, but it was sweet.

Milly went down for a nap once we got home again, but she didn’t stay down too long.  She was fine when she did get up though, mostly keeping busy playing with Tupperware containers in the kitchen.  At one point Amanda and I were on the couch when we heard an odd noise.  I thought Milly was on the other side of the kitchen table, but then I noticed she was sitting behind the couch (which faces the kitchen).  She had taken Amanda’s smoothie cup off the table next to the couch without us realizing it and was taking the straw out and putting it back in, which was the noise we heard.  There wasn’t much smoothie left in the cup at all.

After bathing Milly and putting her to bed, Amanda and I watched Supernatural then she put it on Hoarders, which is a show about people who accumulate an unreal amount of, just, stuff in their homes.  It’s hard not to keep watching it, and it’s making me want to take care of some small messes I’ve got going on.

Zach Dotsey