As we do many Monday mornings, Milly and I took a walk, or a ride in her case, to the grocery store.  It’s a good time.  The Millster gets excited when she sees the stroller and spends her time in it eating Cheerios or drinking milk.  I just like getting outside and walking to the store.  Sometimes I talk to her a little.

After we got back home I couldn’t find the sippy cup with the milk.  Once she went down for her morning nap I walked back up to the end of the road to look for it, thinking Milly might have dropped it on the way home, but I still couldn’t find it.  I guess that was Milly’s first time home alone.  Bruce, Harvey and Cobb must have taken good care of her.

Later on I was looking for another cup to put the milk in and realized that the one I couldn’t find was in the sink.  It turns out that earlier I had seen an empty sippy cup in the living and had tossed it in the sink.  I didn’t realize it was the one Milly had earlier because it wasn’t close to empty the last time I’d seen it.

Milly was very good for me today.  I know I say this a lot lately, but she’s able to entertain herself a good bit now.  She played with her toys and talked to and laughed at some of them, but she spent most of her time doing what is her current favorite thing to do, which is to push something around on the floor.  It’s usually one of her toy boxes or a box of wipes.  She also dragged her walker all around the place.  I had to move the kitchen table so she could get between it and the wall with the walker.

Over the weekend Milly has gotten to where she likes to bring her blanket downstairs with her after a nap.  Sometimes she’ll play with it a little, but either way it looks so cute when she pulls it up to herself.  Amanda used it to comfort her this evening.  She was a little fussy so Amanda wrapped it around her and that made her happy.

Milly also played with Bruce a good bit today.  Now and then when Milly realizes Bruce is under a blanket she’ll lift the blanket and just be tickled that he’s under there.  Amanda said that it looked like she was going to try to pick him up today.

I got a good bit of work done during the day, but I ended up working until about 8:00 anyway.  The end of the work day was a little stressful.

Milly was really cute during dinner.  I’ve been working with her on signing “more” again lately and she seems to be picking it up.  Usually she’ll press her two pointer fingers together.  She also did some clapping and hugged herself.  That’s something else she’s started doing lately.

Amanda asked me if I got anything at the store besides milk this morning, and she lit up when I told her I bought some Eggos.  She was even more excited when she saw that one of the boxes was blueberry Eggos.

When 8:00 did roll around I asked Amanda what she was going to do, now that How I Met Your Mother was in reruns and The Bachelorette was over.  The answer was on the TV; she was watching Bachelor Pad, a contest show with a bunch of people who had been on previous seasons of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette.  After that was over she stayed up to watch Dating in the Dark.

Zach Dotsey