You ever have one of those days where you feel busy, but then you look back on it and feel like you didn’t really get all that much done? That was my day today. I did get my first paycheck with a new raise on it though, and that’s always good.

Amanda had a bit of fun dealing with a credit card today. She got one a few years ago to build up some credit, but she’s had issues with them (Credit One) more than once. This time we hadn’t used it last month, but we still owed $9.95 on it. $8.95 of it was an annual fee (which is crap anyway) but there was an additional dollar one it that was labeled as a minimum interest charge.

Now, as I understand, interest is supposed to be charged on whatever balance is left unpaid, and we always pay up the balance by the due date. Well it turns out that they charge you interest the day you accrue any charge at all. We weren’t pleased to discover this and we’ve meant to discontinue that cars anyway, so, needless to say, we are no longer Credit One credit card customers.

Kirsten was sick today, Hannah was working and Michael was too, so our babysitter and our two main backup sitters were unavailable to watch Milly for small group. We looked into moving it to our house tonight, but that wasn’t going to work out. We thought about having just one of us go to group, but it was going to be the first time in a long whole that everybody would be there (since the Johnsons had been working in New York for most of the summer). The last time we took Milly to small group she just would not go to sleep. Despite that, we figured our best option was to take her with us and just leave if she got bad.

Milly did really well tonight. We decided not to worry that much about the time she would be going to bed because he’s a little older now. On top of that though, we decided last week that we were going to tighten up, to focus group a little more, which made it go faster. Milly spent most of her time eating Cheerios and wandering around from person to person, sometimes stealing their cell phones to play with.

Adam called me while we were on the way home. He’s coming over to hang out for a little tomorrow afternoon/evening.

Zach Dotsey