Adam came over after work today.  Well, after his work, which he was done with at 3:00.  He wanted to get a Milly fix, and so we put her down to nap a little early to make sure she’d be in a good mood for him then when he got here we let him go wake her up.  He played with her up in the nursery for a bit and was really great with her.

I think Bruce (our chihuahua) wanted some attention while we (Adam, Milly, Amanda and I) were all up there.  Adam was giving Milly the Sweetpea doll and Bruce would take it from her and play with it.  (That, of course, brought references of dingos stealing babies.)  He hasn’t played with a stuffed toy like that in a long time.  It would have been fun to play with him, but we don’t want him to get into the habit of chewing on Milly’s toys.  Poor guy.

He got all the attention he could take from Milly this morning though.  She was playing with his food bowl (with me watching to make sure that she wouldn’t eat his food) and spilled it.  As she was picking the food up and putting it back in the bowl she offered some to Bruce, which he took.  They both played very nicely.  But then Milly thought it was a fun game and kept trying to force Bruce to take some.  I could tell he was a bit bothered by it, but he just kept backing up.  His body language was more “Please make her stop!” than anything mean.

Anyway, like I said, Adam was here and played with the Millster a while.  I was still working, so I didn’t get to see too much of him.  I thought he was going to stick around for dinner or something, but he left before I finished work.  I think he usually goes to work early so he can leave early.

Not a whole lot else went on tonight.  Amanda made spaghetti, Milly was cute.  Milly was making some noise a little while after she went to bed, not bad noise, just talking noises, so Amanda and I hung out in the guest room, but everything seems fine now and Amanda’s already asleep upstairs.

Zach Dotsey