There was a small group leaders meeting tonight.  Amanda went while I stayed home to watch Eli for Nick and Amy, who were also going, and Milly.  The Millster was napping when he was dropped off and he entertained himself for a bit so I was able to do a little work.  By the time Milly did get up, Eli had already eaten so he played around a bit while I fed her.  They both ate some pancake (from the fridge, no syrup or anything) and some Chick-Fil-A chicken nuggets that Nick and Amy brought for Eli.  He wasn’t too interested in them until Milly started eating some.  Eli was very sweet and gave Milly his first piece of nugget, though she didn’t want to take it from him.

After they were both done eating, Milly and Eli just went back and forth between the kitchen and the living room, playing with this or that.  At some point Eli, who was only in a diaper, took his diaper off.  I was chasing him through the living room trying to get him to re-clothe him.  He ended up taking them off twice, so I finally grabbed a pair of purple shorts that Milly had on before and put those on him to keep him from nuding himself again.

Nick and Amy hung out for maybe ten minutes when they came to pick up Eli.  I told Amy it felt funny to see her sitting on the couch, as it’s been so long since we’ve hung out.

Karen decided to come over tonight.  It’s her last weekend before school starts back up so she wanted to be around when Milly wakes up tomorrow morning.  Right now she and Amanda are debating/discussing the state of culture in this country.

Amanda decided, once she found out her mom was coming, to change the sheets in the guest room.  They were still in the washer or dryer when she got here and she asked why they had been changed, since they had just been changed the week before.  Amanda kept skirting the issue, but I finally told her.  I won’t tell you, but it was pretty funny, in my opinion.  She said the answer was what she thought it was.  (Yeah, you’re probably guessing right too.)

Earlier today Amanda and Milly went out to eat with Amanda’s grandparents and Anna.  After they ate, Peggy and Earl bought Milly a couple of new dresses and Amanda bought some new sunglasses.  They were on sale and the ones she’s had for a while have gotten scratched up.

Zach Dotsey