It’s been a while since we’ve hung out with the Warkentiens, through nobody’s fault, of course, except that our family and theirs both had a lot going on over the last month and some change.  So today Nick called us about all going to the Children’s Museum downtown, but they ended up taking a nap for longer than they expected, so we just invited them over to hang out tonight.

So we all hung out just like the old days.  Milly was napping when they first got here, but she got up after a little bit and we watched her and Eli play (though not much together).  We ate spaghetti for dinner and I was beyond stuffed.  Amanda and I had eaten a late lunch when she, Karen and Milly got back from going out shopping.  Cookout: yum!

Anyway, after the kids went to bed we played Phase 10.  We’ve really been on a Phase 10 kick lately, but despite my 3-2 record over the last few weeks, I’m about ready to get back into the meatier games like Puerto Rico or Settlers of Catan.  Oh, and yeah, that win record includes tonight’s game.

We originally planned to go to the Children’s Museum with them tomorrow, but Amanda and I thought about it and decided that at $8 a pop for adults, we weren’t sure there would be much that Milly would enjoy all that much yet.  So now my only real plan is to mow the lawn in the early morning, and Amanda and I talked about doing P90X once Milly goes down for her nap.  I’d like to go surfing tomorrow, too.

My stomach was feeling pretty upset tonight, but aside from that this wasn’t too unlucky a Friday the 13th.

Zach Dotsey