Looking back on it, I had a very active Saturday.  Mowing, cleaning up outside, P90X, surfing.  That’s quite a day.

Milly was gracious enough to let us sleep in until 9:00 this morning.  I got up and mowed, and after that Amanda helped me clean all the pine straw off the patio.  I also moved the pile of sticks I’ve been meaning to burn for a while over to where Harvey likes to dig in the yard.  I think the former burn pile looks like it’s ready to grow in pretty good, so I thought maybe this will keep Harvey out of that spot.  Most likely he’ll just dig somewhere else.

Amanda and I did some P90X while Milly took her first nap.  Pullups and pushups… ugh.  It’s Amanda’s least favorite workout, and probably mine too.  But we did it, so there’s that.

Amanda and I were planning on going to the beach after Milly got up from her first nap, but she was fussy and ended up going back to sleep before we could go out.  We decided to go out after she woke up from that one, but we couldn’t get ahold of any Frazelles and Amanda didn’t want to take Milly over there without being able to go back to the house. Anna and Barry have both told us before that they are fine with us using the house, but Amanda doesn’t feel comfortable staying in their house if nobody’s around.  The other thing was that she didn’t know if they might have plans for the evening, and she didn’t want to be in the way of that.

I went out to go surfing though, and Michael and Jenn were there.  Michael was trying to help Jenn learn how to surf (he took her out yesterday, too), but it was a bit hard for her to get out.  It wasn’t too tough for us, but you definitely had to paddle to get out, and she hasn’t developed that just yet.

It wasn’t that great out there.  As many big, choppy and inconsistent waves as came by, it was actually kind of fun just sitting on the board.  I got a few decent waves, but the water was so thick and all over the place that there wasn’t much to catch.  And when you could catch something it was pretty steep.  But like I said, I caught some waves and Michael, who was on Terry, caught a decent one or two, too.

I scraped my board for the first time today.  It had about two years of all kinds of wax on it and felt like a completely different board once it was waxed back up.  Michael had suggested it after riding it yesterday and even bought the wax that I used.

After surfing we all went to talk to the Frazelles for a little bit.  Barry just got back from a BMW driving school and was very excited about it.

I stopped by Chick-Fil-A to pick up some dinner for me and Amanda on the way home.  I won’t go into specifics because I’d hate for someone to try to take advantage of them, but they did me a real solid today.  I was really impressed and surprised with the generosity they showed me over something that wasn’t at all their fault.

Amanda told me it was probably good that Milly didn’t go to the beach because she’d been pretty fussy after I left.  Amanda herself had a headache, probably from a combination of watching reruns of Project Runway all day and not having any caffeine today (the latter being her suggestion; the former, mine).  Since she wasn’t feeling great I got Milly up, fed her and played with her a bit, although at one point Milly had a book that she kept taking over to Amanda, who was lying on the couch as if she was going to fall asleep, to read to her.  Amanda would start to read it, then Milly would take it away and “read” it herself, which means she was flipping through the cardboard pages and making noises.

I put Milly to bed, too, and I told Amanda to rest and not worry about coming upstairs to help out.  She fell asleep shortly after I came back down, though she was probably dozing before that.  I’m about to head upstairs to go to bed and I wonder if Amanda will wake up and come up when I do.  It would be quite a role reversal, her falling asleep and staying the night downstairs.  If that happens, I won’t set the alarm and I’ll let her sleep in.  We can just go to a later service at church if it comes to that.

Milly’s walking a little more each day, by the way.  It seems that every parent I’ve heard tell about it says their kid starts walking one day and then they’re off.  Milly’s been walking a little here and there for a while now.  She’ll walk halfway across a room now then decide to just start crawling again.  I guess it’s her prerogative.

Zach Dotsey