Port City Community Church definitely brought it this morning.  It was the final week for a series where they did something fun to start things off for the summer, and today they had a live rendition of Wipeout and threw a crazy number of beach balls out into the crowd.  Amanda and I sit a few rows back from the front and right in the middle of the row every week and we ended up having a lot of beach balls come our way.  It was just so fun to look around and see a countless number of beach balls popping up into the air.

On top of that, the band really brought a lot of energy to the songs they played  today and, as usual, Mike was on point with his message about leverage.

While picking Milly up from Grow Zone I bumped into Paul Ayers.  When I met up with Amanda by the bookstore after that she said that she’d seen and talked to Kim.  We all met up and talked for a few until Milly got fussy and reminded us that she was overdue for nap time.  We talked about meeting up at the beach later.

Paul and Kim were in our original small group and moved to New York a while back, but just recently moved back here to Wilmington.  Before they left they had a baby, and I can’t believe how big Peyton has gotten.  She’s a very cute little girl.

We went home, put Milly to bed and watched The Soup and Supernatural.  I noticed that Persons Unknown, a summer miniseries we’ve been watching, was not on the DVR.  Amanda told me right before that that she’d had a dream that it was canceled, and we wondered if that was the case for real.  I just checked though and it seems they just skipped a week.

After Milly got up I called Paul, who said he was on the way to the beach already.  The Kays are staying at the beach with Mia’s family this week so they were going there, and that’s where we went too.

Mia’s family is staying near Johnny Mercer’s Pier, which is right in the middle of the beach, or at least where more people go.  Since we’re used to going to the south end of the beach, where Anna and Barry live and it’s less crowded, it struck me as odd to see so many people out.  Of course, it was move-in weekend at UNCW, so I’m sure a lot of new students and some of their families were out there.

We all just hung out on the beach for a while, taking the occasional dip in the water, which felt terrific.  Milly and Peyton mostly played around in the sand.  After a while everyone headed up to the beach house, where we mostly hung out on the porch.  It felt real nice up there, being a little shaded with a breeze coming through.  Milly did a good bit of walking around there.  She did a good bit of walking around when we got home, too.  I think we might have a walker now.

It’s funny; every parent we know said that once their kid started walking they just took off with it.  Milly’s been able to walk, and has walked, for a while now, but she’s just now picking up the frequency.

Anyhoo, once we got home Milly was fed and put to bed then Amanda and I did P90X Plyometrics.  Yeah, I forgot how tough that one was too.  I had sweat dripping off my face.  It’s also tough on Amanda’s knees, but she did what she could.

Milly started fussing before we were even done with our exercising.  I don’t think she napped very much at all.  Amanda and I took showers then fed Milly a little early because she was fussy.  While she was crawling around after eating she slipped or something in the kitchen and was bleeding a little in her mouth.  There was a little blood under her nose too, but that may have actually come from her mouth.  It wasn’t bad, but of course we worried just because we’re not used to her hurting herself and bleeding.

Milly got a bath to get all the Wrightsville Beach sand off of her then we put her to bed.  Amanda was exhausted, so we just watched some Whale Wars and she went to bed.  I wasn’t ready for bed yet and there was nothing on TV that I felt like watching, so I decided to fire up ye olde 82-50.  That would be the Duke-Carolina game at Cameron from this past season.  I enjoy watching it now and then.

Zach Dotsey