“Can he do it?” they asked.  “Can he go to bed early so he can get up early to work out for an hour?”

Yes.  Yes he can.

Last night I went to bed at about 11:00 and I got out of bed when Amanda got out of bed to get ready for work, a full hour and a quarter earlier than the time I usually get up.  I’m glad I did it, but I do think I’ll miss my me-time late at night.

Kim Ayers called today and asked if we’d be able to watch her daughter, Peyton, while she went to a doctor appointment.  Amanda had to pick up a few things after work so she was running a little late, which meant that I had some time watching Peyton and, a few minutes after her mom left, Milly at the same time.

Peyton was really sweet though.  She’s about two and a half years old, but she’s still young enough to be interested in some of Milly’s toys and she was very nice to Milly too, picking things up for her when she dropped them and things like that.  She was great the entire time she was here, except for when Paul took her home.  She was obviously tired at that point.

It made me wonder if Milly and Peyton are close enough in age to become good friends.  I didn’t have friends that much younger than me until I was in high school.

My day was spent wishing I could hire someone to take over half of my job.  I already have Travis doing half of what I used to do, but one more person would be nice to have right now.  The thing is, a lot of what I’d want that person to do wouldn’t totally be income-producing, so it would be hard to justify.

Milly continued walking today, of course.  Sometimes she’d resort to crawling so Amanda or I would plant her back on her feet and, the vast majority of the time, she’d walk.

Kirsten said that she and Milly walked to the cul-de-sac this evening while she was babysitting her when we went off to small group.  She said at first Milly pushed her walker along, but she also walked some on her own and held Kirsten’s hand.  Kirsten told us they walked down there a few times, which surprised me.  Maybe I’ll have to try taking Milly for a walk down there tomorrow morning.

Small group was good.  We finished up the current series at church and discussed what our next few studies will be.  Jenny gave Amanda an unused journal when Amanda said she’d been meaning to pick one up.  Hopefully she’ll use it and stick with it.

We discussed a number of things that had me thinking about how I do things, or the things I focus on.  For example, the number one thing I’d say most of my focus is on these days is work.  I’ve got so many ideas about things I’d like to do that I feel like I just need to hit pause, get a bunch of stuff done then let it resume.  Anyway, all that is to say that maybe I’ve got too much of a focus on it.  But I also have a lot of focus on my family, which is a situation I can leverage (the main focus of tonight’s discussion) to make an impact and leave a legacy, particularly in my relationship with Amanda to show Milly a loving family relationship.  And then there’s obviously the influence I directly have on Milly.

I talked to my dad for a little bit today.  I tried calling him last night, but he had gone to bed early.  He’s been working on running electricity to the barn and they now have smooth ceilings (definitely in the kitchen, but I don’t know if he did any other rooms).

Anyway, I’m off to bed in a few minutes.  I’ve got Yoga X (which Amanda dreads because she feels it’s so long and boring, but I kind of like) waiting for me in the morning.

Zach Dotsey