Got up and P90X’ed early again this morning.  My work day was pretty hectic, and I was feeling a little annoyed thinking about how I’ve cut my personal time back.  I’m going to have to find some sort of balance I guess.  Most nights I’d stay up late just to be able to watch or do what I want to do, but going to bed early is cutting into that.  It’s not that I mind the exercise; it feels good to be doing that.  I just wish I could do that and still have my free time.

Like I said, work was busy.  It was one of those days where you’re coasting along and thinking you might get to do some of the non-essential but helpful things you’ve been wanting to do for a while, when suddenly you’ve got 8,000 things to do.

Milly was really good today though.  She didn’t do anything new, really, but she was happy for the most part today.  It was easy to make her laugh, which is always fun.  She and Amanda went out for a little bit this afternoon, and Amanda took her for a short walk around 5:30 or so while I was finishing work.

I went outside with them when they got back and Deanna and the girls from across the street pulled up.  Kenzie and Kimber love them some Milly, so they came over to play.  Milly walked partly down our walkway to meet them, sat on the porch swing with them and danced for them.  Kenzie gave Milly a Happy Meal toy that she got today and tried to pick Milly up, but she wasn’t too keen on being picked up.

I don’t think Amanda’s going to do her P90X today.  She always says it’s not good to do late because it energizes you and it’s almost 9:30 now.  The exercise for today is Yoga X, which Amanda has been saying is so boring to her and takes an hour and a half.

Yup, just got confirmation from a Facebook message (even though she’s ten feet away from me sitting on the couch and half-watching America’s Got Talent.  We message each other pretty often; it’s kind of fun).

amaZach Dotsey