Consider the nose and all it does.  It smells, which of course is what it is most known for.  It inhales and exhales, allowing the body to take in oxygen and release carbon dioxide.  It’s also got snot and hair to help filter things out.  It’s got a passageway to the brain, which ancient Egyptians used to pull to brains from bodies during the mummification process.  The nose is kind of amazing, and, I’d say to a small degree, underrated.

So anyhoo, Nick stopped by this morning to pick up some P90X disks for Paschal to borrow.  Later on I met the two of them and Chris Davis at Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch.  It was nice to get out and hang out with some people for lunch.  Working from home is great and all, but I don’t get to do things like that very often.

Amanda asked me to bring a wrap home for her, and so I did.  Unfortunately, there was a mistake in the order so she ended up going back out to replace it.  On the plus side, the manager gave her a gift card for her troubles.  On the downside, a torrential downpour started while she was out.

This was the last time we’ll eat at that Buffalo Wild Wings, but not because of the service.  They’re moving to a free-standing building next to Hiro’s Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar.

I worked late, but when Amanda went out to the grocery store to get a few things, she includes some frozen fruit to make smoothies with.  We experimented with that tonight, so so-so results.  My drink (banana, mango and orange juice) was better once I mixed a little Splenda and a fruit punch freezie pop in it.  Amanda made one with strawberries and… something else I think.  She put some of hers in a cup for Milly, and Milly, shockingly, drank it all down.  That child loves smoothies.

As I said, I worked late.  I stopped to see Milly off to bed and finished up a little after that.  I helped Amanda fold the clothes before we went to bed.  We changed the sheets too.  Well, I changed the sheets, but Amanda was downstairs folding more laundry while I was doing that.  At any rate, Harvey jumped on the bed before I got the covers on, and I had a hard time getting him off of it.  He finally did jump down, but he thought we (Amanda was back upstairs by that point) were mad at him or that he was in trouble and he actually peed a little.  That’s very unlike him, so we made she to love on him and let him know we weren’t mad.

I might not get up early tomorrow for P90X.  Amanda’s dad, Phil, and his friend, Graham McGowan, are coming to move a light switch for us early in the morning, so I don’t know if I’d have much time anyway.  Plus, Amanda doesn’t work Friday’s, so we should have plenty of opportunity to do it.

Zach Dotsey