As speculated, I didn’t get up early to do P90X this morning, but Amanda and I did do it together later in the evening after we put Milly down to sleep.  And with that, we finished the first week (again).  I think I’m seeing some results already, but I’m definitely looking forward to losing a bit of that stuff hanging around my gut.

Phil Mercer (Amanda’s dad) and Graham McGowan showed up a little after 8:00 this morning to move our light switch.  Here’s the deal with that.  When you walk upstairs right now you’ve got the bathroom straight in front of you with the bedroom completely open to the left (and the door to the nursery on your right).  We want to put a wall up there in the near future, but the switches for the lights for the bedroom and what would become the small room at the top of the stairs are all in one place just next to the stairway.  What we needed to do then was to move the switches (a dimmer and a switch for the fan) to the other side of where the wall will go.

Anyway, they did all that.  Amanda got us all biscuits for breakfast then after doing some measuring and making a list, Phil and Graham went to Lowe’s to get what they needed.  Long story short, we now have a light switch for the light in what will become (for lack of a single word) the small room at the top of the stairs and a separate set of switches for the bedroom.  Huzzah!

They didn’t stick around for too long after they got everything set up, but Phil did take some time to love on Milly.  He got to see her walking, and she wanted him to keep holding her when he left.

I worked pretty steadily until 7:00 tonight.

Milly really likes Ritz crackers.  Usually we give her two of them, and she’ll work on one for a bit before stacking them up and eating them both.  Well, tonight she stuffed the majority of two Ritz crackers in her mouth and almost choked herself again.  (Really, that child needs to learn portion control.)  I was right next to her when she did it, so I was able to get her out of her booster seat and throw her over my knee to beat the pulpy crackers out of her mouth.  Needless to say, it’ll be quite a while before she gets two crackers again.

After we did P90X (which was after Milly went to bed, as I mentioned), Amanda and I watched Supernatural and a few episodes of Arrested Development.  We were going to go to bed after that, but we saw a Killers concert on Paladia and decided to watch some of that.

Zach Dotsey