A new series was started at Port City Community Church today called Man School.  It’s an in-depth look at Proverbs 1-8 (I think I got that right) and really looks to be a “bring it” series.

Also at church, the new check-in system at Grow Zone was started.  They scan a card just like the kind you get at grocery stores for discounts but this brings up your kid’s name, what room they’re going to and any allergies or anything they might have.  It also prints out a sticker for them and a corresponding one for the parents to use to pick them up.

After the service we talked to a few people and let Milly walk around a little on her own.  It’s so cute.  I mean, she about looks drunk with the staggering steps she takes, but she’s getting better and better and, like I said, it looks so cute.

We decided to grab breakfast at Atlanta Bread.  Normally we go home right after church because Milly is cranky, but she seemed to be in a decent mood.  She ate bits of muffin top and our breakfast bagels.  She was signing “more” without us prompting her, too, which is pretty cool.  More than cool, it’s also adorable.  She is mixing “please” in with it, and she also seems to be picking up on “cracker.”

Since she was still in a good mood, Amanda and I decided to push our luck and walk around Mayfaire (Atlanta Bread’s shopping center) a little bit.  We ended up going to Barnes & Noble and looking at things in the kids’ section until Milly started getting fussy.

We probably shouldn’t have gotten her home and put her down at about the time she usually wakes up from her morning nap, because she was in a funky mood all day.  She pretty much acted bi-polar, being fussy one minute and happy the next.  We did have a nice morning though.

After watching Persons Unknown and The Soup, I took a little nap.  Amanda woke me up at 4:00 to do our P90X, but we were just getting into the warm-ups when Milly let us know she was awake.  She stayed up for a little while, ate some, played some, fussed some, then went back down for another nap.

We decided to try P90X again, but this time when Milly woke up and started fussing (again, not far into the workout), we just powered through.  She made noise here and there throughout the workout, but we kept on going and got her up after we were done.

We watched some more Arrested Development before Amanda went to bed.  We’re sleeping downstairs tonight as a preemptive measure.  We figure Milly’s schedule was a bit off today and there’s no telling what she’ll be like, so we’re playing it safe to ensure a good, full night of sleep.

Nick and Amy contacted me to see if we could help out with their dog, Max.  They won’t be getting home until Tuesday and Amber, Nick’s sister who was staying at their house, will be leaving early tomorrow to go out of town.  She was working and we wouldn’t be able to get him until late tomorrow, so Amber brought him over here after she got off work, around 10:00.  If I’d realized it was going to be raining, I might have changed my mind.  Normally we can just let him and Harvey go outside and tire each other out, but since it was raining they had to stay inside, where I had to constantly get on them about playing rough.

Oh, when Amber got here I was able to get Harvey outside (which I didn’t want to do, given that it was raining, but I knew how over-excited he’d be), and I tried to get Bruce, who was barking and could have woken Milly up, but when I swatted at him on the stairs (from the couch next to the stairs), he ended up rolling over and falling down a few steps.  He didn’t seem hurt, since he popped right up and ran upstairs and under the bed (where Amanda said he continued to bark until she was able to tap him with the ladder that’s under the bed), but I felt bad.

In other news, Amanda suggested to her father that he build a cornhole set for Labor Day.  He told her today that he’s already finished and painted it.

Zach Dotsey