As is our Monday tradition, Milly and I took a walk to the store this morning.  I got a few groceries, but I also saw something that I thought would blow her mind once we got home.  It was a honey bun, which I heated up in the microwave.  Really, there’s not much that’s better than a warm honey bun, is there?  And yeah, she liked it.  I cut it up into pieces and fed her some.  She kept signing more for it.

On that note, Milly did really great with her signs today.  I think she’s learning the difference between please and more, and she’s got cracker down pretty well, too.  Well, she isn’t doing it quite right, but she knows what she’s doing.  You’re supposed to put your fingers together on one hand and twist them on your open palm.  She just sort of makes two fists and twists them against each other.  Still, she knows what she’s talking about now.

Milly was also in a really good mood this morning.  She was happy and smiling and very communicative with me.  I didn’t even put her down for her nap until 10:00, which is a bit later for her than usual.  She didn’t sleep well the rest of the day until Amanda and I put her down for the night though.

Milly and I had macaroni and cheese for lunch.  I added in a shake of garlic on a whim, and it actually tasted really good, I thought.  Milly fed herself most of the little bowl I gave her, but sometimes she had me put the mac & cheese on her fork and put it in her hand, then she’d put it in her mouth herself.

Amanda came home and made chicken and rice for dinner.  All three of us ate it, though Milly wasn’t too interested until we started feeding her off our own plates.  We let her play for a bit then gave her a bath before we put her to bed.

I worked on a blog post for work for a bit of the night.  Amanda watched Bachelor Pad.  Ick.  Right now we’re watching Dating in the Dark.  Well, I’m typing this and she’s watching it.

Max is sleeping on the floor in front of me.  He and Harvey played pretty hard today.  We swept the floor twice already today   Any time they’d get obnoxious inside Amanda or I would put them out.  Bruce mostly stayed out of everything and sat on a pillow on the love seat.

Zach Dotsey