We were all set to start a study on prayer tonight, but I got an email that pointed out that the discussion questions for the current series at Port City Community Church, Man School, had separate questions for men and women.  When we got to group we discussed putting off the prayer study and doing this instead, splitting into groups of men and women.

It was a really good discussion night.  The girls got the living room and us guys went out on a patio, but it started to rain before we even really got started so we moved into a bedroom.  I think we’re generally a pretty open group when it comes to our discussions, but having the group separated by sex probably made it even more so.  Our discussion included what thoughts we had on what it means to be a man, examples of positive and negative role models in our lives and in our culture, what effect we have on the next generation, and how couples decide where to go out to eat.  (That last one is a bit of a joke, but we did talk about it.)

Amanda said the girls had a good conversation too.  Their discussion went much faster though.  They had time to look over our questions as well, then I think they talked about babies the rest of the time.

When we got home, Kirsten told us all about how much fun she’d had with Milly.  She said they spent most of the time outside, where they walked, visited Bonnie and played with a roly poly (possibly killing it).  Kirsten said that other than that, Milly ate.  It sounded like they had a really good time together though, and she said she can’t wait until Labor Day, where she’ll get a whole extended weekend with Milly.

Zach Dotsey