Milly was loudly displeased at 1:00 this morning.  Amanda decided straightaway to head downstairs when I went to go check on her.  Her diaper was really heavy, but it’s odd that she’d peed so much so early in the night.  She was so super-sweet when I laid her down to change her though.  She just sort of stared off to one side with the most minuscule hint of a grin, but she was so calm and quiet.  I love that baby.

Nick came and picked Max up this morning.  He hung around and we talked for a few minutes.  Harvey enjoys playing and all, but he was getting a bit tired of playing so much.

I’ve been doing this thing with Milly lately where I pick her up and swoop her at whichever of our pets is closest by.  Cobb always runs off when I do it and Bruce sort of shies away.  Harvey doesn’t really react.  Milly absolutely loves it though.

Amanda and I had a discussion last week about her skipping out on doing the Yoga X workout.  I’d been disappointed, mainly because I felt like doing P90X is something we committed to together and I was pushing myself to do it and it made me feel like she wasn’t pushing herself.  For her part, she just said that it was so boring for her and she didn’t feel like she was doing anything while she was going through that one.

It being Yoga X day, we revisited that, and she eventually said she’d try half of it at least and see how that went.  She ended up doing the whole thing, so I was proud of her.  I was upstairs with Milly in the nursery, letting her tear the place up while Amanda did her thing.

While I was feeding Milly tonight she knocked an almost completely full container of yogurt out of my hand.  Bruce enjoyed cleaning a bunch of it up.  Harvey got to the game late, but I guess he found a little bit to lick up, even after I’d cleaned it with a wet paper towel.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned this, but Milly’s been saying “dog” lately.  Or at least it seems like she is.  She’ll see one and say something like, “Daww,” which is close enough for me.  She does seem to be getting “please” and “more” mixed up now though.  We’re going to make an effort to try to get her to remember both of them.

Zach Dotsey