As you can see, Milly has started saying, “baby” as of today.  Amanda heard her say it out in the living room while I was working, then brought her to the back for me to hear, which is when the video was shot.

It’s not like most of the words she’s said so far, where you can tell what she’s saying, but she’s not saying it perfectly or you don’t know if she knows what the word means.  Milly says, very clearly, “baby,” and she knows she’s referring to Sweet Pea (the doll she’s carrying around the whole time).

So yeah, that was the coolest thing for us today.

Not as cool, Milly had a runny nose all day.  She was angrier than she’s ever been when we tried to steal her snot with the suction thingy.  Hopefully she’ll get to feeling better soon.

Milly had some bad times today, given her cold, but she also had some fun times.  I made a smoothie for me and her (best one yet: banana, mango, cherry and orange juice, didn’t even need any Splenda), but Milly ended up drinking half of mine.  Before putting her down to sleep for the night she found my belly button while I was lying on the floor and kept sticking her finger in it.  She thought it was hilarious that I was so sensitive to it.  Cobb was shut up in the nursery with us and Milly was in an old diaper box, so I was pushing her around the room after the poor cat.  He had nowhere to hide and was terrified, but Milly was thoroughly amused.

For the record, one of the few workouts that makes me go, “AH!” after I’m done is the one where you go up on your tiptoes 25 times with your feet pointed three different angles.  That, a bunch of pull-ups and sitting against the wall make Chest and Arms, which I did first thing this morning and Amanda did this evening, a tough one.  It’s funny; I think of Chest and Arms and Plyometrics as being the really tough workouts, but not one is particularly easy.

I talked with all the women of my family today.  Erin called to talk to me while she was driving home from Wilmington.  She got here late last night and had to leave this morning to be back for work, but she was working on getting the title for Adam’s old car switched over.  Long story.  It was good talking to her though.  She did get pulled for going six over the speed limit while I was talking to her.  She told me afterwards that it had been a K9 cop and that he told her he was just doing it because she was technically speeding and had passed him.  He felt like he jus tneeded to make an example and let her go with a warning.

I talked to my mom for a bit and she got to hear Milly saying “baby.”  She said it so well that she couldn’t tell if it was Milly or Amanda.  We talked about getting them down here at some point next month, her and my dad.  Andra had mentioned coming down here next month a few days ago, so maybe we’ll get to coordinate that so everyone can be here together.

And speaking of Andra, she was the last one I talked to.  I called her to see if she did want to come down and to tell her that Mom and Dad could come any weekend but the one of the 18th.  I talked to Jackson for a bit after I talked to her.  His first day of Kindergarten was yesterday.  Andra posted on Facebook that he hadn’t wanted her to hold his hand when they went to school because he didn’t want to look like a dork.  Anyway, he seems to have enjoyed school for the one day so far.  (They didn’t have it today.)  He told me the names of new friends he’d already made and then told me about another kid who was five who couldn’t go to Kindergarten.  Jackson said the other kid was older then him, but Jackson was bigger.  Or maybe it was the other way around.  Anyway, after that Jackson told me that he was actually five and a half, which is basically six, or something to that effect.

Milly also talked to her grandparents on the other side of the family.  She was babied out by then, but her Nana got to hear her babble conversationally and her Paw Paw got to hear her say “Baba,” which may have been an attempt at Paw Paw.

Zach Dotsey