I had an issue today where I had several important things going on with work.  All of them were time-sensitive and all of them required me to get some bit of information that I could only get from one source, but nobody seemed to be in a hurry to get back with me about anything.  It was frustrating and stressful and it went on until about 4:00.  Once I was out of the woods I felt such relief that it was almost strange.  When you spend all day wound up about things then you have nothing to be wound up about, you feel like you’re coming off some crazy buzz.

Milly probably didn’t sleep well last night.  Amanda and I slept downstairs, anticipating a bad night from Milly since she was stuffy yesterday, and we were probably well-served to do so.  She was tired enough to go down for her first nap not too long after her breakfast.  She was still stuffy today, so we’re sleeping downstairs again tonight.

Amanda was nice to me this morning.  I woke up at 8:15 and got out of bed to go get Milly, but Amanda offered to get up and get her if I wanted to stay in bed a little longer.  I was fine with that, though I don’t think I slept all that much after that.  Amanda brought Milly into the room a few minutes before I needed to get up and she crawled over to me.  I acted asleep until she got right up to me, then I loved on her.

I invited Adam to come by to hang out this evening, but Renee was coming for a visit and she was going to be getting in a bit late for him to come by.  Amanda had already invited Michael and Jenn to come over too, and they picked up some Atlanta Bread for dinner before coming over.

Milly was really happy to see Michael.  She held his hand and walked around with him and took him outside.  She picked some flowers and gave them to Jenn when they came back in.  Amanda had taken her outside earlier today and brought her back in with a flower she’d picked, which she gave to me.  It was while I was stressing, so it was really sweet to see her holding a flower.

Anyway, after we all ate (Milly wasn’t a fan of my potato soup) and Milly went to bed we played Phase 10, though we played it where you could pick which phase you were going for.  It was different, and I think I liked it better that way.  Michael got out to a strong start while Jenn and I started pretty slowly.  I went on a pretty good run about halfway through the game, but Jenn ended up coming from behind and winning the game.  She’s now 3-0 here at our house.

We didn’t do P90X today, but we’re planning on doubling up tomorrow.  We were going to do Kenpo together, and I was going to try to take a break from work to do it at some point while Milly was napping.  Well, I was busy pretty much all day and Milly didn’t nap well at all throughout the day, then we had Michael and Jenn over.  So we’re planning on doing it tomorrow morning and tomorrow night.

The Carolina football program is in trouble right now.  They’re being investigated by the NCAA for academic infractions.  I don’t really know all the details, but I’ve read that a few of the defensive lines starters have already been kicked off the team and that number may go up to double digits.  It sucks for the Heels, since they were supposed to have a Pretty good squad this season.  Coach Butch Davis might even be sweating right now.

Zach Dotsey