Amanda and I did Kenpo after we put Milly down for her first nap then took showers.  After I got out of the shower the smoke alarm went off, which understandably freaked us out a little.  Amanda grabbed Milly (who seemed a little dazed, since she had been napping) and went downstairs while I poked my head in the attic to see if I could see anything, which I couldn’t.

Amanda’s first thought was that it might have been steam from the bathroom, but that’s never happened before, and while we took back-to-back showers and the water was warm, it wasn’t that hot or steamy.  Another idea is that it had to do with the fact that we haven’t changed the air conditioning filters in forever, and the filter is right next to the smoke alarm.  Everything seems to have been fine, but maybe some dust shook loose from the filter and was mistaken for ashes.  I don’t know.

Anyway, the house didn’t burn down and we later bought six months worth of filters, so all is good now.

We planned to go to the beach today, but we never made it out.  After we got Milly ready we went to Costco for a bit, mostly to get things for Labor Day Weekend.  It took us a while to leave though, because as we were pulling out of the neighborhood I saw a small dog next to the road.  We picked it up and thought it might belong to Donna, the lady who lives across the street next to Bonnie.  One of her kids came to look and said it wasn’t theirs, so we left a note on our door and heard back as we were leaving Costco.  It actually turned out to be the same dog that we found a few months ago.  The girl told Amanda that she thought all of her backyard had been plugged up, but apparently the dog found a way out anyway.

Amanda’s mom, Karen, came by for a bit.  Amanda’s theory is that she couldn’t stand the fact that her dad, Phil, got to see Milly walking last week and, coupled with the Baby video, she just had to come.  Eventually, Milly went down for a nap, as did I.  Amanda and Karen went to do some shopping.

After Karen left, Amanda, Milly and I went for a short walk down the street.  We let Milly walk on her own until she decided to sit down in the sand on the side of the road.  She carried a bucket with some flower petals in it and she stopped here and there to pick up some rocks, which she did not want to put in the bucket.

We’ve begun combining Milly’s 5:00 and 7:30 meals into one 6:00 meal with a little snack shortly before bed.  Seems to be working fine so far.

I’m getting up early tomorrow to go surfing.  Barry said he and Hannah were heading up to Topsail and could stop by around 7:00.  I mentioned it on Facebook to my friend Lars, so he’s going too.  I’m looking forward to it.

Amanda and I watched an episode of Persons Unknown.  We were a little confused because the “previously on” part didn’t at all match up with what we had last seen.  Apparently two episodes had come on last week, but the DVR skipped one of them for some reason.  Two more were coming on tonight.  Fortunately we were able to pick up last week’s lost episode on On Demand.

Zach Dotsey