Hurricane Earl's Path from
The Path of Hurricane Earl

Hurricane Earl continues to not worry me in the least.  I’ve heard all kinds of chatter about it on Facebook and such, but look, people, the storm isn’t going to hit Wilmington.  Wind will be in the mid-teens and it will rain a bunch tomorrow.  Friday there will be a little less rain and no wind, and the weekend is looking gorgeous.  I just don’t understand why people here in Wilmington are worried about evacuating.

Things settled back closer to normal today as far as work goes.  I did have a couple long conversations about setting up email accounts.  That’s always fun.  Yes, I was being sarcastic, but at least the people were nice.  You know, 90% of the time I can have someone set up in an email client in about five minutes, but every now and then there’s something that just doesn’t quite work out right.

As things were going pretty well, I decided to run a couple checks to the bank to get out of the house.  While I was out I also decided to wash the car, which was badly in need of one.  In fact, while it does look a lot better now, it still needs some work.  There are a few places where I think I just need to scrub hard with something more resilient than a soft brush.

When I got back Amanda and Milly were hanging out with Amy Warkentien.  She’d dropped Eli off before I left to get her hair did.  He was napping when I left and he was still napping when I got back.  She invited us over for dinner tonight before taking off.

We got over to Nick and Amy’s right at about 6:00.  Amy had salad and spaghetti for us.  Milly, for some reason, just isn’t digging spaghetti yet, so she mostly ate salad sides and bread while we were eating, then Amanda fed her some yogurt.

She was very unhappy about going to sleep, Milly was.  Part of it might have been being in a different place and part of it might have been sleeping in the pack & play, which she doesn’t do often.  Then again, part of it might have been that she napped very little today and was just in a poor mood.  Either way, it took her 20 minutes or more to stop screaming like she was being tortured while we parents played Puerto Rico.

It was a good game of Puerto Rico.  Amanda and I tied for points, but she had more money at the end of the game, so she won the tie breaker.

Amanda and I hated to wake Milly up to leave since it took her so long to get to sleep.  She was definitely out though.  On a sweet note, we got to watch her sleeping for a bit, which we don’t often get to do.  Milly doesn’t bother falling asleep outside of her crib, and the nursery door makes a noise when we open it, so even if she is asleep at times when we go to get her up, she usually wakes up very quickly once we get in the room.

Anyway, it was nice watching her sleep peacefully for a minute.  She was still very subdued when she woke up after Amanda picked her up, and she went back down without a fuss when I put her in the crib at home.

Zach Dotsey