We did sleep upstairs last night and it went just peachy.  The only complaints I have are that Cobb slept on my body pillow and at some point in the night Harvey was in the way of my feet.

P90X was Plyometrics today.  For some reason it was tougher on me than usual.  It was the first time I actually paused a P90X exercise.  I’m a little ashamed of that, but it is what it is.  Just odd that I ended up being so winded on the third week of it.

Work was crazy busy again.  I think tomorrow won’t be quite so hectic.

At small group we continued to have our split-sex discussion on Man School, the current series at Port City Community Church.  It was, once again, a very open environment.  It’s something to see how some of us guys are so alike deep down.

Kirsten, who as usual was babysitting Milly, said it was really fun to see her doing new things (she’s actually starting to pull herself off the ground trying to get into her booster seat) and saying new words.  Kirsten rattled off a number of words Amanda and I haven’t heard ourselves yet, like “blue” and “outside.”

I was watching a show on PBS about some of the early battles of World War II just now.  All the footage it showed was in color and it covered a lot of stuff that you don’t hear much about, such as fighting in Scandinavia and some of the tactics and thoughts that went behind Germany’s attack on France.  Pretty fascinating stuff to me.

Hurricane Earl is a category four.  It’s not expected to come anywhere close to Wilmington, but some people are getting antsy about it.  It’s supposed to be up by Virginia by Friday morning, so I have no idea why people are worried about it impacting Labor Day weekend here in Wilmington, which is almost as far south as you can go in North Carolina.

Zach Dotsey