Bruce, our chihuahua, was apparently distraught about something last night.  When he and I got in bed he either jumped or walked directly off the bed without realizing what he was doing.  He didn’t make any noise, but when I reached down to pick him up I could feel him shaking so I had Amanda turn on the light so we could check him out.  He ended up being okay, but he was shaking so much and acted so tender that I was pretty worried about him for a minute.

Amanda’s night didn’t get much better.  She got up several times to cool the AC and was so hot that she ended up kicking Harvey out of the room.

Milly was pretty fun this morning.  We went for our usual Monday walk to the grocery store.  There wasn’t really anything we needed, but I bought some Pop Tarts and a long john just for an excuse to take the walk.  The lady at the checkout recognizes us now and said she’d see us next week.

Amanda later gave me some grief when I showed her what Milly had been wearing.  To be honest, I knew it wasn’t a very good outfit, but I was trying to get out the door.  It was a yellow shirt with a smiley face, brown shorts with flowers on them and navy blue shoes with hearts on them.  Sorry, Milly.

Work was pretty crazy today.  I had a lot of stuff to take care of from the get-go.  Not really worth going into, I suppose.

Milly signed “milk” today.  She’s said “Paw Paw” too, but it still sounds like Ba-ba.  When she was walking around with her Sweet Pea baby Amanda asked her where Daddy was and she came over to me with her arms stretched out to me.  I asked her for a kiss and she put Sweet Pea up to my mouth.  After that I asked her where Mama was and she did the same for Amanda.  It’s so cool to see her seemingly learn something new every single day.

Amanda’s watching Bachelor Pad right now.  Trash.

I think we’ll try sleeping back upstairs again tonight.

Zach Dotsey