Milly was nice enough to let Amanda and I sleep in until about 9:00 this morning.  I got her up while Amanda showered, then I headed out to do a few errands.  My intention was to, in this order, pick up Amanda’s sunglasses (which she left at Reece and Stephanie’s last night), run by Costco to pick up a couple things for this weekend, pick up the surfboards from Anna and Barry’s then go home and do Yoga X, which we’re behind on.

I did get by Reece and Stephanie’s, but I forgot to go to Costco directly from there.  I wanted to do that before going to Wrightsville for the boards so I wouldn’t have to worry about anyone messing with the boards, which were going to be strapped to the top of the car.  I also realized on the way out that I didn’t have the credit card or the check card anyway, so Amanda said it was no big deal for us to just swing by Costco on the way out of town.  I mean, it wouldn’t be on the way out because we’d have to go into town just a bit, but still.

Anna and Barry weren’t home, but Christian, Hannah’s boyfriend, was there.  When he answered the door he asked if the shorts he was wearing were mine, which they were.  Since I was planning on taking them to the beach, he changed out of them and helped me load up the surfboards.  I took Blue and Terry.

Back home, I didn’t quite have time to do Yoga X, so I helped Amanda pack things up.  Once we loaded everything up and said good-bye to all the boys (Nick and Amy are watching Harvey and Bruce and we just loaded Cobb up with a bunch of food) we went to Costco.  Amanda did the shopping and I stayed in the car with Milly.  I actually ended up talking to Baba, who had just gotten back yesterday from an anniversary celebration for some old friends of hers, and my dad.  We grabbed some smoothies and headed off to Topsail Island at about 1:00.

Usually Amanda’s grandparents are there about the same time as us, but it turns out that Peggy’s been suffering from shingles and was nauseous this morning.  They had to wait to hear back from the doctor to get a prescription and didn’t get there until much later.  We actually had a bit of a concern about Milly catching chicken pox from her, since she’s only had one shot so far.  Anna talked to a pediatrician though, and the chances of her catching it are low because the shingles have already mostly healed and she usually keeps her legs (where they are) covered anyway.

Anyway, Amanda and I stopped to pick up the keys to the beach houses.  Joanne and Pierre were already there, though they were just waiting outside.  People trickled in over the next few hours.  Amanda took Milly out to the beach while Michael and I surfed.  I caught a few fun waves on Terry and did pretty well with them, turning and such.  It was decent for a little bit, but then it got windy and the water got choppy, so we came on in.

Back inland, Milly was covered with sand.  While I took the surfboard up Milly did a faceplant.  It didn’t seem to bother her, but her face was entirely covered in sand.  It took a lot of spraying her down to get her close to clean, but I still ended up sticking her in the bathtub to get her as clean as she needed to be.

After dinner Amanda, Hannah and I did some Yoga X.  We talked about just doing half of it, and that’s about as far as Hannah got, but other people came in and out of doing it throughout the course of the video, so I ended up doing the whole thing.  After that I took a shower but just about everyone else except Michael played Imagineiff.

Zach Dotsey