Putting Milly in the bathroom (in the pack & play) was a great idea.  Amanda and I heard her making noises around 7:00 and on and off until we got her up a little after 8:00, but she never cried or fussed.  She seemed pretty happy, actually.  Anna came upstairs shortly after I fed Milly and said there was some good surf out, so in little time Michael, Hannah and I were out front surfing.

It was okay.  The waves were of a decent size and the water was smooth, but the waves wouldn’t break when they should have for the most part.  I caught a few, but hardly enough to ride them much at all.  We went in after a little bit to eat Earl’s breakfast, which was awesome, of course.  Country ham, eggs, grits, biscuits and cheese biscuits.  Milly had and really enjoyed some of Grandma Peggy’s strawberry jelly.

Barry arrived before breakfast and he, Hannah and Michael went out surfing again after breakfast.  I helped Amanda with Milly for a bit until she went down for her morning nap then joined them.  This time I caught some really good waves and had a lot of fun with it.  One thing I noticed was how much better my balance is on Terry.  I think I said that yesterday too, but it struck me again.  I got some nice drops and turns and even paddled while standing once.

Phil showed up before breakfast too, and he brought with him some cornhole boards he made, so I played a few games of cornhole after surfing.  I think I ended the day at 1-2 or 3.  The last game and loss pitted me and Michael against Jon Greene (the Younger) and his friend, Jacob.  They beat us 21-1.  Ouch.

Milly had a lot of fun while she was outside.  There was a family in front of the tent we all stayed under and Milly was very social with their daughter.  I think her dad, with whom I talked a bit, said she was 15 and loved kids.  Milly went back to her a few times.

She also spent some time playing in the sand and the shallow water with Hannah and Kirsten.  Kirsten and Amanda kept getting sand fiddlers for her.  When she was done with that I took her out into the water some (mainly to wipe some sand off of her) and Hannah took some pictures of us.  She used to get upset if I took her out and submerged her up to her shoulders, but she really liked it for a while today.

Later on, Nana and Paw Paw (Karen and Phil, that is) were out with her and Nana dug a little hole for Milly.  She kept climbing in and out of it and sitting in it.

Saturday is always fish night, but those of us who aren’t big fans of fish usually get something for ourselves.  Jon (both of them), Jacob, Tripp and I headed out to pick up some subs from Subway, but either we couldn’t find it or it was gone, so we got Domino’s Pizza instead.  We hung out in a beach shop while we waited.

After dinner most of the guys wanted to watch the NC State game.  It was on ESPN3.com and I told them they could hook a computer up to the TV in our beach house across the street, so they did that.  They had an issue with the computer they were using though, so I hooked mine up instead.  State was killing Western Carolina so they were eventually persuaded to switch to the Carolina-LSU game.  They watched that while I had the Duke game on the computer.  Duke beat Elon and LSU beat Carolina, which makes a good time.  After going most of the game 30-10, LSU didn’t score in the second half and Carolina had two chances to score a touchdown in the final seconds of the game.  Seriously, LSU was trying to give the game away, but Carolina couldn’t seal the deal.

While much of that was going on, Amanda, Anna, Anna Hawkins, Jon (the Younger), Ryan, Kirsten, Hannah and I (sitting in that order) played Mexican Train.  Where we left off, Ryan and Hannah were tied for first.

After the place cleared out a bit, I showed Ryan (and almost re-taught Michael) how to play Puerto Rico.  It’s a lot different playing with just three players.  Anyway, I won and Ryan beat Michael by a single point.

Zach Dotsey