I had a very trying day today, but all day my thoughts kept going back to a friend of mine who shared some news today that he has been talking with a girl lately and it’s going in a very good direction.  I’m not going to go into any real details, but I just… I’m very happy about it.

The rest of the day was, as I said, trying.  Work was insanely busy and I didn’t finish everything I wanted to get done today.  Not nearly.  I would have worked later, but Amanda and I talked about going to The Fuzzy Peach this evening, which didn’t end up happening.  Instead we ordered some Buffalo Wild Wings to use a gift card they’d given us last time for screwing up an order.

I got there and checked the food only to find out that they’d put tomatoes on both my and Amanda’s wraps, so I had to wait while they fixed that.  I looked again and saw that there were no tomatoes, but in checking for that I glossed over the fact that there was nothing else on them either, which was not discovered until I got home.  Amanda called them about it and I offered to drive back out again, but the gas light had come on on my way home the first time, so I had to stop and get some gas.  They got the order right this time, apologized profusely and gave us another $10 gift certificate.

Milly didn’t nap much today and even threw her first little tantrum while I was on my second B-Dub’s run.  Amanda put her down for a nap, but we got her up again a little after 7:00 so she wouldn’t get too much sleep before going down for the night and we let her stay up until 8:30.  (We usually start putting her to bed at 8:00.)

She was a lot of fun in that time though, as she was throughout the day when I got to take breaks to look in on her and Amanda.  Over the last week or two, if you asked for a kiss she’d lean her cheek or forehead towards you, giving you permission to kiss her.  Tonight she would put her mouth towards you and say, “Mmm.”  She would also laugh a lot when I’d pick her up and spin her around or hold her upside-down.  Milly also hugged my knees this evening in a sign that she wanted me to pick her up or play with her, which is new.  And finally, while I was sitting on the love seat she had me pick her up and instead of wiggling all around or trying to get to the Shaker table next to the couch, she actually laid herself back against me to just sit with me (or play with Bruce, whichever struck her fancy at the moment).

After Milly went to bed Amanda and I were going to do the next P90X workout, Core Synergistics, but Amanda was still feeling dinner.  She’s still a Kenpo back anyway (though she did do the X Stretch today).  For some reason, Fridays are tough for us to get our P90X done.  Maybe Friday should be my skip day instead of Monday.

Instead we digested our chicken finger wraps and watched some more Arrested Development.

Amanda mentioned becoming small group pod leaders, which is something we discussed briefly quite some time back.  Pod leaders are basically people who oversee several small groups and help coordinate things with the People Care staff at church.  It’s something to think and pray about.

On a side note, I get a little thrill when famous people (of whatever varying degree) reply to me on Twitter.  I had a little conversation with Ethan Supplee (Randy on My Name is Earl) a while back.  A couple years ago, writer Steven Brust replied to an email I sent him.

Shelden Williams
Shelden Williams tweeted me!

Last night I commented on a photo posted by current Boston Celtic and former National Defensive Player of the Year while at Duke, Shelden Williams.  He was wondering how his daughter had gotten onto the top shelf of a cabinet and I said something to him about how I have a kid about the same age as his, and it’s crazy what all they can get into when you turn your head for a second.  He responded back with what was basically a simple acknowledgement and agreement.  It was a really minor thing, you know, but I can’t help but think it’s pretty cool that he noticed what I wrote and thought enough to write back.  So if you ever see this, thanks, Shelden!  (And thanks for owning the paint at Duke, Landlord!)

Zach Dotsey