I started the next set of DVDs for P90X today.  It was all stretching, which I’m mixed about.  On one hand, there were plenty of stretches that pushed me and I understand the value of stretching, but on the other hand I didn’t feel the satisfaction that I do with other exercise regimens.

I’m back to being behind on work again, just from the number of little jobs that have come in over the past couple days.  Fortunately there don’t seem to be any real major things that I’m behind on, but unfortunately it doesn’t leave time to do things that can help grow the company.

Adam came over to babysit Milly tonight and said it was very easy to do.  He said that sometimes she’d just go off and play by herself and sometimes he’d play with her until she wasn’t interested in him anymore.  Sounded like he had fun with her though.

Amanda and I went to a small group leader’s meeting at Port City Community Church.  There are some exciting things coming up, like a new system for managing small groups.  It’s actually very much like a website idea I had a couple years ago.  Yup, I wish I’d gotten going on it.

The other thing is a big financial study the church is going to go through soon.  The focus is on taking care of your finances in order to better steward that which God has given us.  I said to Amanda when we were leaving that it sounded like a financial P90X.  We’re both looking forward to starting it.  We think we might actually have more money than we realize, so it’ll be nice to sit down and really methodically go through a process that makes us take a look at how we spend our money.

In between the two talks there was a bunch of Rita’s Italian Ice outside the auditorium.  We hadn’t had any before, but it was really good.  We talked to Nick and Amy out there, as well as Blake Konny.  We invited them (and Stephanie, of course, who wasn’t there) over on Saturday for some Catan.  We’d have invited them for Puerto Rico but that’s limited to five players.  Then again, we’ve played with six before by combining our Puerto Rico with Nick and Amy’s.

In the news today, a preacher in Florida, Terry Jones, was advocating a “Burn the Koran” day for this Saturday, the ninth anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks.  Yeah, that’s a Christian thing to do, and that won’t incite any violence against Americans anywhere in the world.  There have already been massive protests in Muslim nations.  I mean, it’s free speech and all, and while I’d be upset about someone burning a bunch of Bibles I think Muslims should chill out some, but it’s really just a stupid thing to suggest and it makes Christians look bad.  You just don’t go around burning other people’s holy books.  (Yes, I’m well aware of how much other religions have suffered and been persecuted in the name of God before.)  The preacher has called it off… possibly.

Speaking of September 11, the History Channel has started airing shows about the attacks already.  Nine years, wow.  I still can’t look at the falling bodies and collapsing buildings without tearing up.  Oh, the chaos and confusion of that day.

Zach Dotsey