Amanda and i discussed her working a full day today to make up for missing her normal full day.  I was fine with that and she told me to let her know if things get a little too tough for me and she’d come home whenever.  Well, the day went just fine.  Milly required some attention here and there, but for the most part she played with toys and Tupperware containers enough to keep her happy.  The work phone didn’t ring much, which helped.  I think people are still getting back into the swing of things coming off the Labor Day vacay.

Speaking of work, Travis finalized a deal with a client I really wanted to get.  He stopped by to drop off the deposit check and we chatted for a few minutes before he took off again.

So what did Milly and I do today?  I started trying to teach her the sign for drink, which I don’t think will take her long to get.  The only confusion I think she’ll have is that she already knows the sign for milk, so she might mix them up a bit.  We played the screaming game some, where one of us will scream then the other will do it and so forth and so on.  I also chased her a little, which is fun.  If she’s walking away from me I’ll say, “I’m gonna get my Milly!  I’m gonna get my Milly!”  Then I’ll lightly grab at her back and she’ll start running and laughing.  A lot of times now, if I put my arms out to her, Milly will run up to me, which I love.

Oh, I love that girl.

Amanda made herself a smoothie and gave some to Milly.  Milly then turned around and sat in my lap.  She likes doing that, just suddenly sitting down in a person’s lap.  She’ll usually do it when she’s brought you something she wants help with, like shoes to put on or, the last couple days, shorts.  I tried to read to her, but she would just take whatever book I had, walk off and “read” it herself.

Amanda, despite working all day, made some homemade baked mac & cheese.  Milly wasn’t a fan, which surprised us, but it’s so good.  Before and after that she watched yesterday’s Bachelor Pad while I finished up some work.

Amanda ended up not doing her P90X workout today, which wasn’t a surprise since she worked all day and came home to make dinner.  I, however, have finished up my first three weeks and am ready to start on the next set of DVDs tomorrow.  Amanda said tonight that she thought I had lost weight and that I looked, I think more trim was how she put it.  Her legs were sore from yesterday’s workout, so I gave her a massage, focusing on her legs.  She actually had a knot in her thigh, which I don’t think I’ve ever felt on a person before.  Of course, I don’t generally massage very many people’s thighs.

Zach Dotsey