So yeah, Amanda and I are wanting to have another kid at some point.  No, we’re not pregnant and we’re not trying to be right now, but on the way home from small group tonight I mentioned to her that I was a little emotionally scared of having a second kid.  We just love Milly so much that it’s hard to imagine having that much love for another child.  Now, Second Child, if you’re reading this, it doesn’t mean that we’re not capable of loving a second kid, just that it’s almost overwhelming to imagine having that much love times two.

Aside from that though, Amanda said she actually liked being pregnant, but she didn’t like the c-section and it just feels like we’d go through so much with all the early stuff where a baby can’t do anything for itself like holding a bottle, sitting up, putting arms and legs through clothes, that sort of thing.

Of course, the joy and excitement you feel when a child first does something, like any of the things I mentioned above, or rolling over, crawling, walking, starting to make noises, those are all things to look forward to.  There’s also the fact that I kids with siblings are generally better off, socially and whatnot, than only children.  There are so many experiences I wouldn’t have without having had any siblings.

Amanda and I also both feel that our next kid will be another girl.

Anyway, my first day back at work after a Labor Day break went fine.  My phone hardly rang, which is good because I had a few small things and a big thing to take care of.  I got all of the little stuff and about half of the big thing done.

Milly was very social and talkative today.  Amanda took her out for a bit this afternoon.  They went to Toys R Us and Old Navy.  At the latter they got some shirts that were on sale and one that wasn’t: a Duke shirt that Milly should be able to wear this season and the next.  At the former they bought a potty.

Yes, we’re going to be those parents who try to get their kid potty trained at a year old.  We’ve read up on it and hope to start trying either this week or next.  We’re teaching her sign language and she seems pretty smart, so why not see if we can get her potty trained too?  Some people say it’s bad to try this early, but I’ve read enough success stories that I’m not too worried about it.

Anna told us a couple days ago that she was going to watch Milly tonight because Kirsten was going to go hang out with a friend, but Kirsten showed up at our door this evening.  She said she’d gone out last night instead.  She’s going to come watch Milly for us on Thursday too.  There’s a small group leaders meeting that Amanda and I both want to go to.

P90X today was legs and back.  I started to do Ab Ripper X after it, but I was really beat (which I attribute to Labor Day weekend).  Instead, I did it when Amanda did her workout around 5:00.  I’m sure it was because I hadn’t just had my butt handed to me by doing the previous workout right before, but it was the first time I’ve done every single move in the Ab Ripper X workout.  After a shave and a shower, I fixed a smoothie for myself and Milly.

Zach Dotsey