Milly woke up a little before 7:00 this morning, but unlike the last two days she was a little more insistent on going ahead and getting up.  She hung out with me and Amanda in the bed for a few minutes, but then we let her play with whatever she could get into on the floor for a few minutes.

We spent the morning getting everything packed up.  Well, Amanda did most of the packing while I kept Milly occupied.  We ate a little something, said good-bye to everyone then headed on back from Topsail to Wilmington.

Amy called while we were en route.  She and Nick dropped Bruce and Harvey back off at the house on their way to Carolina Beach.  They said the boys were really good, which is always nice to hear.

Milly napped on the way home, which made sense since we left Topsail at 10:00, her usual nap time.  We put her right down in the crib when we got home, which made me wonder if it felt as good to her to get back in her regular bed as it does to us.

Most of the rest of the day was spent with us not doing much.  We did wash everything from the trip and Amanda folded it all and later put it up.  Other than that I took a nap for an hour or so, Amanda watched some Days of Our Lives (Sammy shot EJ!).  We watched Whale Wars and Supernatural, both of which were season finales.

On Whale Wars, Pete Bethune, whose boat, the Ady Gil, was wrecked earlier, rode a jet ski in the dark of the morning to board one of the Japanese whaling fleet ships.  From the jet ski, he grabbed onto a net, cut his way through that then hid out until it was light outside to present the ship’s captain with a bill for his ruined boat and to claim a citizen’s arrest.  It was mostly to force some legal action and to get some media attention, but it seemed like something out of an action movie.

Supernatural was the finale for the fifth season.  It was supposed to be the series finale, but the CW decided they wanted to have another season.  I thought it would have been a good ending for the show, with the exception of Sam showing up at the end after having sacrificed himself to drop Lucifer and Michael (yes, Satan and the archangel) into a pit.  I read up on the show after we watched it and saw that next season is going to deal with Heaven and Hell being in chaos.  I hope they do it well, because the guy who created the series won’t be the lead on it anymore, though he will be involved.

After those, we watched a few episodes of The Office while Milly played around.  Amanda made some mac & cheese for us to eat, which Milly, as always, enjoyed.  Amanda went to bed after we put Milly to bed.  She had a bit of a headache on top of the general rundown feeling you get after a vacation.

I’ve got a bit of work waiting for me tomorrow.  I could have started on it today, but I wanted to enjoy my time off.

Zach Dotsey