I was lying on the living room floor this evening when Milly came over to me and put her mouth on my nose then kept poking it with her finger, like she was trying to pinch it. She was laughing the whole time.

As far as the car goes, we ended up trying to jump it ourselves today, to no avail as we figured. We decided not to bother Dave with it because the inspection and tags are both out of date. Go figure- I’ve driven it once in a year I think.

Amanda and I looked at used cars from the dealerships in town online. We might just try to use the Olds as a trade-in or something if we can. We’ll see.

I had to be at church to run a mobile camera at 2:30 today. Being right in the middle of the day threw a pretty big wrench in our usual Sunday plans. On top of that, Amanda’s grandpa’s people were up at Topsail and Amanda wanted them to be able to meet Milly.

I came up with the idea to have Amanda drop me off at Chris’ Cosmic Kitchen after Milly finished her morning nap.  I’ve wanted to try the food there and it’s right across the street from Port City Community Church, so I could just go hang out at the church for a while, then they’d come to the 6:00 service and we’d all go home..  That would give her and Milly plenty of time at Topsail.

That’s exactly what we did.  The Cosmic Kitchen has brunch on Sundays and I got there at about a quarter of one and tried out their French toast.  I actually tweeted about going and ended up practically having a conversation with one of the owners via my iPhone, though she wasn’t actually at the restaurant at the time.

When I was done I walked over to the church.  I didn’t realize that they locked up the auditorium though, so I ended up sitting in the cafe.  I couldn’t get on the internet, so I played some Empire: Total War until people started showing up.

I had fun shooting the music today.  There’s not really a whole lot to say about it, just that I felt like I got some good shots.  I think I’ll check the service out online once they have it up.  If it’s an evening service then I’ll be able to critique my shots some.  Back when the church met at Roland-Grise we would sometimes review our work, which I thought was really helpful in critiquing yourself, seeing what worked and what didn’t.

Amanda and Milly were at the church before the end of the first service, so I got to see them and check Milly into Grow Zone before starting the final service of the day.  The 6:00 service is not the most populated, and as a volunteer we got to check Milly in ahead of other people, so Amanda and I were letting her walk herself down the Grow Zone hallway.  She went to every single door, trying to go into all the rooms.  Once we let her go into the room she was supposed to go into she just went in and started playing with things, not even noticing that we were gone.  Oh well.

Zach Dotsey