I’ve been meaning to clean my office for a while now.  The main issue with it is a pile-up of paper meant for recycling that just never gets taken out.  Then there is clutter caused by that room being one of them where we stick things when we’re not sure where to put them.

Well, we’re having small group over here tomorrow night, and since we’re going to be splitting into two groups it would be nice for there to be a suitable second room for people to go.  Amanda mentioned something about it, and as I’d finished work, I decided to go ahead and get to it.

There really wasn’t too much to it.  I shredded a bunch of old bills and filled two paper bags with paper.  That was on top of one already-filled paper bag, a trash bin and a full-sized trash can.  I then moved some things out that didn’t need to be in that room, took the paper to the recycling bins and hung up a couple framed Duke posters.  Tomorrow I’ll vacuum, but the room already looks so much better now.

Other that that, just like with most other Mondays, there wasn’t much going on.  Milly was really good for me, which is nice because she woke up several times last night.  Amanda and I ended up going downstairs to sleep sometime in the wee morning hours.  We made our usual trip to the grocery store in the morning and she entertained herself for most of the rest of the morning.  She needed a little more attention while she was up in the afternoon though.  She was sweet though, so I didn’t mind.

Jason called me at one point and I let Milly hold the phone.  She talked to him a good bit, and even sort of laughed while she talked, which struck me as a very grown-up conversational thing to do.

After we put Milly to bed, Amanda helped me hang my posters then watched the finale of Bachelor Pad.  I’m so glad it’s over.  Then again, they’ll probably just start another Bachelor or Bachelorette in a couple weeks anyway.

Zach Dotsey