Amanda stopped at Cookout to pick up some lunch on her way home and decided God was telling us to stop eating out as much as we do. She realized they’d gotten one of our burgers wrong, but she wasn’t able to back up from where she was and had to go out onto College Road. She took an almost immediate turn into UNCW so she could turn around, but that light takes forever. Then, on top of that, you have to go down the street and make a u-turn to be able to get back into the Cookout parking lot. It’s really not in the most convenient spot. It literally took her eight minutes to get back there. Couple that with the recent issues we’ve had at Buffalo Wild Wings and you get Amanda’s epiphany.

I had some issues of my own after eating the food too. I love their burgers, but they do a number on my stomach. On top of that, Amanda only had half of her milkshake, so I drank the rest of it. (“I. Drank. Herrrr. MILKSHAKE! I drank it up!”) The results took a little time out of my day. I really should have known better though.

Amanda and I decided to sleep downstairs last night. Milly’s been doing the thing where she wakes up late at night (or early in the monring) lately. Neither one of us slept well though. You see, when we go to sleep in any bed in this house, it’s not just the two of us. There’s also a 12 pound dog, a 13 pound cat and a 50 pound dog. In the guest room, that 50 pound dog, Harvey, takes up a quarter of the bed, usually the space where my legs go. The other two aren’t all that bad, but for some reason Bruce likes to stretch his legs into the small of my spine when we sleep down there lately. And Cobblepott, the cat, likes to walk all over us.

So we’re hoping Milly’s phase has passed and we’re trying our luck upstairs again tonight.

On the subject of Milly and sleep, she didn’t go down for her morning nap as early as usual. It was probably close to 10:30 when I put her down, although she usually goes down between 9:30 and 10:00. She was playing happily though, so I didn’t see a need to force the issue with her. I waited until she showed the normal signs of being sleepy before taking her upstairs.

After I finished working I did a bit of work on a personal website project I haven’t touched in a little while. Amanda watched sydicated episodes of How I Met Your Mother, Milly played with Bruce.

Bruce, for some reason, howls when Amanda sings along with the “da, dadadada, da da da daa, da daa, da dadadadadada da daa” theme of HIMYM. He started to do it this evening, so Amanda stopped, but then she pointed out that Milly had never heard Bruce howl before so she started howling, which made Bruce howl. Milly came over to the couch near Bruce and her face started to do the thing where it melts and she starts to cry pitifully, so we quickly got Bruce to stop and let Milly know everything was okay. I told Amanda no good would come of it. Or maybe I meant to tell her that.

After Milly (who had an extremely stinky diaper) went to bed, Amanda and I watched an episode of Wipeout from yesterday. I got my first decent backrub in years after that then I returned the favor for Amanda before she went to bed.

Zach Dotsey