Milly did end up waking up again around 4:30 this morning, but she went back to sleep pretty easily.  I think we’ve discovered the reason though: Molars.

I was playing with Milly this morning and was hanging her upside-down.  I looked at her while she was laughing and I happened to notice something new towards the back of her mouth.  I couldn’t get a really good look, but it seems she’s got four new teeth.  Yup, she’s got all four molars now.  I had always assumed teeth fill in in order, front to back until they’re all there, but I guess not.

I was really busy with work today.  I ended up making a list of the things I had to do and just working my way through it, crossing tasks off as I went.  I only tend to do that when I’m super-swamped.  I got through all but two items, but I did do a little bit of work on both of them.

Amanda had a dental appointment after work today, so she got home a little later than usual.  On the plus side, Milly stayed up later than usual for her morning nap again, but today she actually slept in a little later too.  I kept an ear out for her, but I didn’t hear her until Amanda got home.

Milly continues to say new words and be a lot of fun every day.  There were a few words today I think, but the big one was nose.

The only negatives lately are that she’s throwing about one tantrum a day, though we ignore it and it tends to be really short-lived.  She also started poking and chewing the rubber top of her sippy cup, which would be fine except that piece can come out of the top and she ended up wasting a nearly full sippy cup of milk today by messing with it.  Oh, and we can’t leave any boxes of wipes in her reach anymore.  She’s always liked playing with them and every now and then she’d pull out a bunch of wipes, but now she does it every time she gets her hands on a box.

After Milly went to bed Amanda and I vegged out and watched some stuff on the DVR.  Amanda went to bed earlier than she planned to though.  We’re both tired, not having slept the best all week.

I thought she looked really good tonight, and told her so.  Amanda doesn’t handle compliments like that very well.

Zach Dotsey