Amanda and I have been wanting to go see Rio Bravo, the band Hannah’s boyfriend, Christian is in, for a while now.  We also like the music of Beta Radio, another local band.  My friend Seth’s brother, Brent, is in that band.  Happily, both were playing together tonight at the Soap Box.

And for the record, yes, we know people in these bands, but they actually do play good music, too.

Amanda and I were both pretty excited about the prospect of going out two nights this weekend.  Amanda lined up Anna to watch Milly at the last minute, but then Karen, her mom, said she’d come down and watch Milly.  Milly was excited to see her Nana.

We hit up Brixx for dinner before the show then headed downtown.  We were there a little early and ran into Nick and his sister, Amber.  Amy, who was working around the corner at the Hilton, showed up before the show started too.

The night was a CD release party for Beta Radio, and another band, Onward, Soldier (or Soliders? not sure) opened up.  I think they were alright, but we were busy socializing while they were on.  We knew a lot of people there, which was kind of a cool feeling.  We had a really good time.

Oh yeah, the rest of my day.  Work wasn’t bad and I had lunch at McAlister’s with Mike Nowak and Joel Kay.  On Tuesday Mike mentioned the guys from small group getting together for lunch Thursday, but that didn’t really work out.  Even though not everyone could make it, it was good to get together with them and hang out.

While I was doing that, Amanda and Milly did a little running around.  They got a blanket for the impending Flowers baby from Blue Moon and went by A Place to Bead.  I think they might have gone to another place or two, too.

Zach Dotsey